The Importance of Cabinet Knobs for a Beneficial Kitchen Upgrade

You may consider the “beauty is in the details” phrase to be somewhat of a cliché, yet all it takes is thinking of the importance of something as seemingly small as the knobs of the kitchen cabinets to realise just how much this is true. Sure, bigger details like the cabinets themselves, or the counters, furniture like the table and chairs, or the appliances such as the fridge, freezer, cooker and microwave may be getting more of the attention, but smaller details aren’t to be underestimated.

What Is the Use of Cabinet Knobs?

Kitchen knob

If you want to make your kitchen space more functional, efficient, clean, and beautiful at that, cabinet knobs are definitely the addition you should go for. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can expect.

A Customised Kitchen Look

With so many options of stylish cabinet knob designs, you can find anything your heart desires. Whether you want to finish up the cabinet look with knobs in matching style and colour, or would like to create a contrast with a mixed style and colour, there are plenty of options to customise your kitchen aesthetic.

Cabinet knobs are also available in a variety of materials and finishes, so be sure to take all this into consideration before deciding. Your best bet is to look for what you need online or visit your local homeware store to get a better idea of what goes well together. You can also mix and match your cabinet knobs with the rest of the kitchen hardware as well, be it the taps, door or window hardware.

Prolong the Cabinets’ Durability

No matter how clean you may tend to keep the kitchen, the truth is, it does get messy with all the food prep and cooking. Sill, to avoid spreading this mess to the rest of the area besides the countertops, adding a cabinet knob can certainly come in handy with preventing the spread of oils and dirt to the furniture.

This solution won’t only assist with cutting down your cleaning chores and keeping the food prep area spotless and free of contamination, but with increasing the durability and longevity of the cabinet too. To make the most of this investment, pick out designs that offer ample space between the knob and the cabinet to further add to the durability and prevent wear and tear as much as possible. This would also make it easier to clean them up every now and then.

Enhance the Kitchen’s Performance

Besides being a messy place, the kitchen is a busy place too, and the last thing you need is wasting precious time on opening cabinet doors that could be better spent on making dishes. The kitchen cabinet knobs can provide a boost in the functionality and performance of the room, and make it piece of cake to open these furniture pieces. This is especially handy if you share the home with someone who has a mobility difficulty and has trouble using their hands or wrists.

Is It Better to Have Knobs or Pulls on Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen pull

If you consider the sheer variety of pulls, you may be tempted into buying them instead, and end up feeling confused altogether. Basically, it all comes down to the design and how functional it is with opening and using the cabinets.

Due to its shape, the cabinet knob is better suited for cabinets, both upper and lower, whereas pulls are better left for the drawers since they can span through the width of the drawer and make it easy to pull it. So, it’s more of an ergonomic decision, but if this doesn’t satisfy your preference, then feel free to mix it up with pulls. Another factor would be the price as in general knobs are less expensive, but definitely not less stylish.

What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Knobs?

Unlike the versatility of pulls, from bails and finger to bar, handle, and cup, the knobs come in two basic types: hollow, and solid. You may not get too much variety to choose from, but that only makes matters simpler shopping-wise. The hollow, as the name implies, are lightweight because they’re hollow inside, as opposed to the full and sturdy solid alternative.

Usually, the hollow tend to be cheaper as there’s less material used for them, but that may not be true for all of them as it can depend on the material they’re made from. There are equally hollow and solid knobs of quality, designed from metals as much as crystal and wood, with various finishes and shapes, so you still have plenty to choose from to personalise your kitchen.