The Importance of Choosing the Right Calming Dog Bed for Your Pet

Everyone needs a good night sleep. Keeping that in mind, your furry friend enjoys sleeping as well. As a matter of fact, most dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. Even though your furry pal might like snuggling by your side and sleeping on your bed, he definitely needs a bed of his own. The sleeping habits of your dog can tell you a lot about his health and happiness and in my opinion, nothing keeps a dog in good spirits quite like chilling in a calming dog bed.

Anti anxiety dog beds are made of carefully chosen materials and are designed to perfectly fit your dog and help them unwind and relax.

What Makes a Good Calming Bed?

There are a couple of factors that determine the quality of a dog bed.

  • The height of the dog pod’s edge: The calming quality of a dog bed highly depends on the raised walls. Those walls provide the ultimate retreat for anxious pets and provide a feeling of safety and security.
  • Soft fabric: Dogs love chilling in soft fabrics. Calming dog bed units come in a range of materials that dogs can relax in. You can choose from different varieties of long or short fur or other fuzzy options.
  • Cushioned base: Soft surfaces allow dogs to rest better. When they rest on something hard, dogs remain alert to the environment and find it challenging to relax. The technology behind calming dog bed foam cushions and materials they are made of is very sophisticated and therefore important.

With so many dog beds on the market nowadays, it is difficult to choose the right one. Choosing the right calming bed for your pet will make all the difference. It is not mandatory to choose the most expensive one, but do not buy cheap ones which you will have to replace sooner or later. Take time to consider all your dog’s personal habits before purchasing. Pay attention to choose the brand that is obsessed with pet comfort and has a wide variety of product to choose from. One-size fits all solutions are not your best bet in this case.

calming dog beds

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Do Calming Beds for Dogs Work?

If your dog gets a little bit upset when you leave the house, then this calming bed might ease his anxiety. It can also be of great help if your pet is very reactive when meeting new visitors or even during thunderstorms. On the other hand, if your dog shows extreme anxiety, a bed alone won’t solve his problems.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best anti anxiety dog bed models on the market that you can buy for your furry pal.

1. Cuddler Silver Fox by Snooza

This calming cuddler comes in a soft, long pile vegan faux fur with raised walls and a deep sleeping area which provides a safe retreat for your pet. You can remove its covers and replace or wash them. It is filled with high-quality Australian foam to provide the best comfort. With access to the inner liners, this product will amaze you with its possibility to top up the filling if needed. It comes in different sizes and has a special blend of recycled fibre and premium foam designed especially for dogs.

cuddler silver fox by snooza

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2. Snoozer Cosy Cave Pet Bed

This dog bed has a Sherpa interior and hood design, which allows your pet to hide in it. The collapsible hood is soft, making it the ideal bed to snuggle in. It is easy to maintain with its removable and washable cover.

Snoozer Cosy Cave Pet Bed

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3. PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Memory FoamDog Bed

This calming bed is the best buy if you have a senior, sick or a dog suffering from anxiety. Its solid memory foam will provide your furry pal with some much-needed comfort. With a water-resistant and tear-free cover, this orthopedic bed will provide maximum support and security to your dog.

PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Memory FoamDog Bed

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4. Sterling Premium Comfort Beds for Dogs

Depending on your dog’s breed and size, this stylish and luxurious pet bed can be an ideal addition to any home space. Its sidewalls hold the central cushion for more comfort and support. This premium bed has gel memory foam which reduces heat and smoothens joint pain.

Sterling Premium Comfort Beds for Dogs

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5. K H Pet Product Heated Pet Bed

This pet bed can actually keep your pet warm! It is designed with low-wattage electric heat which is placed under the sleeping area, providing warmth and comfort throughout the entire unit! Its covers and pillows can be washed. However, take certain precautions if using this bed, such as unplugging the bed when not in use. The heater is removable which allows you to use it year-round.

To make your dog feel generally better and comfortable, invest in a good quality dog bed. It will not only soothe your pet, but it will definitely make your nights calmer and more relaxing as well.

K H Pet Product Heated Pet Bed

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