The Importance of Choosing the Right Stroller for the Daily Walks with Your Little One

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for both you and your munchkin. It provides you with fresh air, refreshing scenery and a chance to get some physical activity. However, when it comes to picking a suitable stroller for your daily walks, not all models are built the same.

To choose the right one you need to take your lifestyle into consideration, as well as the construction and materials of the stroller. If you’re the type that is constantly moving around with their little one, you should opt for a specialised travel stroller. These are convenient for both walks in the local park or for travelling greater distances when you need to transport your stroller.

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What Are the Different Types of Strollers?

Choosing the right type of stroller depends on several lifestyle factors. Every family is different, so ‘the right stroller’ is different for everyone. Take into consideration what kind of area you live in – if you’re a city family you should choose a stroller that will adapt to the busy city life and is easier to carry around. In case you’re a suburban family that mostly goes for short trips around the neighbourhood, you might need a different stroller. If you live in a small apartment, make sure you get an easily collapsible stroller for travel to save up on space.

You should also take your family size into consideration. If you only have one child, or you’re planning at least a few years difference between siblings – a single stroller will work fine. On the other hand, if you’re planning on a new baby for the next year or so, it’s best to pick a single stroller that converts to a double. This will save you from investing on an additional stroller and make your walks with your children more convenient. To help you make the right choice, here are different types of strollers.

Lightweight Stroller

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Many people also call these travel or umbrella strollers. Whatever you choose to call it, a compact lightweight travel stroller is ideal for parents that are on the go. It weighs around 10 kilos or less and it’s significantly more portable than other types of strollers. The lightweight stroller has a slim design that lets you easily navigate through crowded sidewalks and narrow doorways.

If you often use public transportation with your toddler, these strollers are the ideal choice. They let you easily get on board the bus without struggling to lift your child. Moreover, if you’re often travelling long distances, the light travel stroller easily folds up small enough to fit in overhead aeroplane compartments.

All-Purpose Stroller

This type is also known as the everyday or full-size stroller. It’s suitable for walking around the neighbourhood or a trip to the zoo with the family. These strollers offer you a smooth ride and several convenient features to make your walks easier, such as a storage basket, seat recline and cup holders. Some models have a modular quality and can change the direction of the seat or even add another seat or a stroller board.

The main difference between the all-purpose and the lightweight strollers is that most all-purpose strollers are on the heavier and bulkier side. While some find the extra storage space and the other useful features convenient, many find them challenging when taking a stroll in crowded areas or trying to use public transport with an all-purpose stroller.

Jogging Stroller

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As the name suggests, these strollers are created so you can take your baby with you on your morning jogs. They’re also bulkier than the lightweight travel stroller, but they have other useful applications. Jogging strollers are ideal for traversing bumping and uneven terrains. The souped-up suspension systems help to absorb the bouncing when walking at higher speeds or uneven roads.

The jogging stroller has three oversized wheels. The front wheel can swivel or you can easily fix it in place so that the stroller is more stable at fast speeds. Some models feature hand brakes so you can stop the stroller when going downhill. It’s important to note that paediatricians recommend you hold off jogging with your little one until they’re at least eight months old.

Double Stroller

If you have twins or kids that are born close together, the best choice is a double stroller. These come in two designs: the side-by-side doubles (where the two seats are next to each other) and the in-line, also called tandem or single-file (here the seats are placed one in front of the other). Some double strollers are convertible, which means that you can start with one seat, and eventually add the other when the second child arrives. In case you’re having twins, looks for a stroller that’s suited for two infant car seats at the same time.

How to Prepare Your Kid for a Daily Walk

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Spending time outdoors is a great way to get some quality time with your toddler and enjoy nature. However, as enjoyable as the outdoor space is, the harsh sun rays pose a lot of risks for the well-being of your child. Next time you head outside, make sure you pack these important essentials:

  • Sunscreen.
  • A bottle of milk and/or water, to keep them hydrated.
  • Insect spray.
  • A light long-sleeved layer of clothing to guard your toddler against the sun.