The Importance of Classroom Organization: How to Choose the Best Book Display Stand

well organised classroom

Every teacher knows the importance of teaching in a properly organized classroom. However, there are many things involved in making a classroom a well-organized and positive learning place. From considering the physical layout of the classroom and using various activities to encourage empathetic and authentic connection with the students, to providing the right classroom equipment, including the right classroom bookshelves.

Today, we’ll pay special attention to some of the best types of classroom book stands, and define their importance for a proper classroom organization. But before we begin explaining the many different choices available, let’s first see why bookshelves are such an important piece of furniture for classrooms.

What’s the Importance of Bookshelves?

classroom with bookshelves and free standing classroom stands

There is a famous saying by the British author, J.K Rowling who wrote the popular and critically acclaimed Harrie Potter books, and it goes like this: ”If you don’t like reading, you haven’t found the right book.” I found this to be absolutely true, considering how much I didn’t love reading, until a particular age. Books play such an important role in the life of every human being. They hold the knowledge of every possible subject we are interested to learn, giving our minds a chance to expand and work on our personal growth.

But readers aren’t born, they are actually made if being encouraged from a young age to value reading and find enjoyment in it. That’s why every house should have a bookshelf, not to speak for classrooms where the importance of having a book display stand is enormous. Bookshelves, not only save time when it comes to finding the perfect topic or a book title, but they are also very very useful in providing the perfect storage place for every book. This way, the classroom you teach in will always look neat and organized, without having a bunch of books scattered,  which may result in losing many of them.

Types of Book Display Stands

Every bookshelf has a different story to tell. This mostly depends on the kinds of books and materials it stores. These days, there is a wide variety of bookshelf designs on the market. Choosing a reliable bookshelf for a classroom can help to organize books and sort them by the suitable age level and topics so the kids and students of any age can find what they need. 

Freestanding Classroom Stand

close-up of freestanding classroom stand

When it comes to displaying books to maximize engagement with budding readers, these free-standing units feature a sleek and durable design that can store a wide range of books. Featuring four display shelves, this free-standing book display stand provides lots of storage space to secure all the valuable school books and magazines in one place and keep them neatly organized.

Carousel Book Stand

This compact and space-saving revolving carousel book display stand is a great idea for storage where space is limited. Each basket has two deep pockets on each of the four sides, allowing a variety of books to be stored. The spinning motion makes it even more attractive when browsing for books, which makes it one of the most attractive and functional pieces of furniture for classroom or kid’s playrooms.

Double-Sided Cabinets

Whether you need a place for full-width paper drawer storage or keeping your students’ art projects and materials, the double-sided cabinet is a great storage solution to keep your classroom organized. The double-sided book display is constructed from sustainably harvested birch plywood which is tough, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

Moreover, this particular book stand design features double-faced cabinets with one adjustable steel shelf on each side. It has the perfect height for kids including toddlers, which is especially useful if you run pre scholars or teach younger grades students.

kid taking a book from a Double-Sided Cabinet

Tree Book Shelf Design

Who said classroom bookshelves designs need to be boring? Thanks to its unique tree-shaped design, this particular book stand can reinvent the look of every classroom, adding a modern, cozy vibe every student will love. Featuring nine spacious shelves, these free-standing bookshelves allow one to easily organize every book based on genre, author, colour and provide easy access to all of them. Being made of the highest quality wood, the durability and sturdiness of this tower bookcase have the ability to hold up to 25 pounds worth of material on each shelf, while taking up very little floor space.

House Shaped Book Stand

The house-shaped bookshelf design will make one of the cutest addition to any classroom. Besides its cute design, it features five target shelf racks that offer enough storage place for storing all the important books, preschool books, and art projects in one place.