The Importance of Hair Accessories & the Different Types

For some women, hair accessories are the perfect way to add something special to their look. For others, they are a way of self-expression. Whether it is a hair comb or a beaded clutch, accessories for the hair can be a lovely detail to take your look to the next level or a simple way to express your exclusive personality.

What Are Hair Accessories?

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Hair accessories are functional or ornamental objects that you tie, wrap, twist, insert or otherwise attach to your hair. Throughout history, the different types of ornamentations and the materials they were made from indicated social class, age group, religious significance, and level of fashion awareness. Nowadays, hair accessories are worn by women around the world and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some are great for keeping your hairstyle in place, others are ideal for getting your bangs out off your face, and then there are decorative pieces that work perfectly well as hair adornments.


Available in a bunch of different sizes and colours and ranging from plain to jewellery encrusted, pins are great for securing buns and more formal hairstyles like chignons. Pins that match your hair colour allow you to create an invisible hold, but if you’re looking to add a bit of decor to your hairstyle, ornamented pieces are the perfect way to do it. Add a bit of hairspray for some extra hold.

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Buns and chignons hairstyles made with the help of pins are perfect for special occasions as they show off your neck, shoulders and cheekbones. For a more casual look, take some pieces of hair and pull them out of the bun for a messy effect.

Jaw Clip

A jaw clip is a great tool to secure your ponytail and turn it into an upstyle. It is an easy and effective way to look elegant and sexy. These pieces come in a range of sizes, styles and colours and work best for casual occasions. You can also use jaw clips in your hair when headed to the office or even on a nice dinner if your hair is in an updo or something more formal.


Jaw clips come in a range of sizes, which means you should be able to find one suitable for your hair’s length. Pieces that have closer spaced teeth are more suitable for fine hair types. Mini jaw clips are a great way to separate pieces of hair and achieve a more casual beachy look.

Combs/French Combs

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Combs are commonly used to lock your hair into place. They are great for styling medium to long hair. You can use them to create an updo or get rid of your bangs if you’re growing them out. Combs are also a great tool for creating French twists, securing ponytails and making them look a bit different. They are the perfect option for when you feel like wearing a ponytail to a more formal occasion. Combs are very simple to use. Just put them in backwards and upside down, and then flip them over so that they lock your hair tight in place. For a softer look, push the comb forward a bit to create more fluffiness around the face.


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You can use a barret to gather, fasten or clip your hair, for example, to hold it in a ponytail, in a half-up style, or to clip your bangs. One of the greatest things about barrettes is how easy they are to use – it is as simple as ‘grab and clip’. All you need to worry about is choosing the right size of barret to suit the weight of your hair.

Head Wraps

These accessories can be made from any kind of material that can be tied or wrapped around the head. They can be found in different fabrics, widths and lengths. Styling head wraps is as easy as “place, wrap and tie”. They work well with all hair lengths and are good for disguising long hairstyles, for example, by tucking the length underneath. Fabric head wraps, whether they’are silk, knitted, thin, thick, bright coloured or extra coloured, are a great way to create a boho look. So, if you want to wear them, stick to casual events like shopping at your local flea market or drinking coffee at your local coffee shop.

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Once you start to buy hair accessories, you will find out that they can accumulate quickly. You will also notice that they tend to disappear just as quickly. Keeping them organized will make it easier to find them at all times, saving you valuable time and nerves. Wondering how to organise hair accessories? Take a look at these simple tips for a stress-free beauty routine.