The Importance of Nursing Clothing and Where to Buy Yours From

As beautiful as breastfeeding can be when it comes to its bonding aspect, there are also other aspects that can make it a bit uncomfortable. That is why there is a range of clothes known as nursing clothing designed to help make the whole process more comfortable and discreet.


Are Nursing Clothes Necessary?

It all comes down to your personal preference. They are not mandatory to have in order to breastfeed comfortably as a regular button-down shirt or a few tops with enough stretch that you can pull up would do the job. However, they can expose more skin that some women are comfortable with as pulling up the top can reveal your tummy for the rest to see. Not to mention that lifting up the top when the weather is still cold may not be the most comfortable thing to do when breastfeeding in public. But with the right nursing clothing like dresses and tops with secret holes or slits, you could pull your breast out with minimal skin showing. Therefore, these can definitely make breastfeeding much easier and discreet for you.

Also, it’s often said that being a mum changes you and the same thing goes for your body. During pregnancy, your hips expand to accommodate the baby and your breasts get bigger as they prepare for the milk production that’s about to come. Even after having your baby, it will take some time to get your body back to normal. That is why finding clothes that actually work for your new body can be a bit tricky. The pre-baby clothes that you used to wear will either not fit at all or just not how you remember. Apart from making breastfeeding easier, nursing clothes are tummy-skimming and have a relaxed fit to flatter your postpartum body. They are designed with the physical changes that your body goes through into account.

Another reason why you might need to buy breastfeeding clothes or nursing dresses is that no matter how comfortable you feel in your old tank tops and shirts, every now and then you might want to dress up a little. Whether it’s for a dinner night out or heading off to a family party, a stylish nursing dress with an opening under the chest for easy access would definitely make you look put-together while allowing you to feed your baby with ease.


Where to Buy Nursing Clothes?

They can be found in many maternity shops, department stores or online. If you are someone that hates crowds and never-ending queues, then buying nursing clothes online is your best bet. What makes this shopping option even more convenient is the possibility to easily compare prices and look through a wide range of products and all that from the comfort of your home. This makes this whole process feel like less of a chore as most new mums don’t have a lot of free time to do much let alone go shopping. E-bay is a good place to start with to pick up some bargains. Also, probably the brands that you already know like fast-fashion H&M, ASOS and Macy’s have online stores where affordable nursing collections can be found. Other Australian popular brands like Mothers En Vogue, Milk & Love, Milker can be also found online.

When shopping for your breastfeeding clothing, you want to keep to breathable and natural materials as probably you will sweat and leak. Synthetic fabrics are not a friend of breastfeeding simply because they can host many smelling bacteria and do not breathe. When it comes to nursing clothing, nothing beats bamboo and organic cotton as a fabric. Organic cotton, in particular, it’s natural, soft to the touch and breathable material that has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin at a quicker rate than synthetic fibres. Also unlike the case with the making of conventional cotton clothes, where the process usually includes the usage of many harmful chemicals, the process of making organic cotton is toxin-free. Essentially these biodegradable fabrics are best for mums who do care about the environment.


How to Convert Ordinary Clothes into Nursing Clothes?

In spite of all of the above mentioned, if you still think that you don’t need breastfeeding clothing, there are many easy ways you can try to convert your ordinary clothes into nursing friendly ones. For instance, you can simply cut a semi-circle openings on both sides of a simple tank top and combine it with a deep V-neck top. When you need to feed your baby, all you need to do is lower the neck of your tee and allow your child to nurse through the tank top openings.

Converting a dress into a nursing friendly option might be harder especially if you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t consider yourself a crafty person. Not to mention the possibility of ruining a dress you love. What you could try is add two invisible zippers one in each of the front sections seams, that would zip down for easy access.

If you happen to have a loose crop top in your closet that you used to wear in your pre-baby days, you can pair one of these with a plain stretchy top beneath. Turn the tank top back to front as it will allow for easier access as the back is usually the back is cut lower than the back. When you need to breastfeed your baby, just simply pull down the tank top, while the loose crop top will allow for some coverage.