The Importance of Styling: How to Wear Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

The off the shoulder top or dress is gaining popularity, and I’m firmly on #teamOTS.The attractiveness revolves mainly around the display of skin. It’s slightly feminine and a little sensual. BUT. You get to experience all of this while keeping your upper arms covered. For me, this adds up to a spring-summer triumph.

Don’t get me wrong: once the weather warms up, I’ll get my arms out. I’ll wave my tuckshops around as if I don’t care, but I don’t feel as dressed up as I do when they’re covered up. OTS (off-the-shoulder) tops and dresses can be pretty attractive, concealing the top of the arms while exposing skin to the shoulders. So trendy and stylish!

Are Off-the-shoulder Dresses in Style?

woman wearing green off the shoulder dress and holding a glass

The fashion industry is ever-changing, with designers constantly pushing limits and inventing new trends. One style that has firmly secured its position in the fashion lexicon as we come to the end of 2023 is the off the shoulder dress. Top designers worldwide have adopted this style, which emits elegance and modernism. And what’s more important, this trend is here to stay. So, if you’re getting feminine OTS vibes and want to ensure buying a trendy clothing piece, then you must explore the range of off the shoulder dresses for women.

Top Tips for Wearing the Off-the-Shoulder Style

Choosing the Right Type

There is an off-the-shoulder dress for everyone out there. And there are so many to pick from in all price ranges that finding one to suit you might readily become a season-long task. Considering your body type is one of the crucial factors to make the right style choice for you.

Petite Sisters

Some off-the-shoulder styles are too lengthy and contain too much fabric for your frame, yet there are lots of streamlined styles that fit perfectly for your shape. If you are shorter, opt for a shorter OTS shirt-dress and belt to show off your waist.

Curvy Ladies

Styles that are floaty and sleek will work well. I enjoy skimming action in my dresses as I adore flowy in almost everything I wear. I’ve also had a lot of success with flowy off the shoulder dresses for women with a fabric overlay that falls to the top of the waist. That contributes to the sense of shape.

Invest in a High-Quality Strapless Bra

women wearing strapless bra

Unless you’re one of the lucky girls who doesn’t need to wear a bra, you’ll need a strapless bra. I strongly advise you to choose a top-quality strapless bra in a neutral colour. I have a beige one because it’s invisible beneath white clothing and goes well under almost any colour. A strapless white or black bra would also work, although you could be limited in what to put it under. Have you ever noticed how wearing a white bra under a white top shows through more than a nude/beige bra? If not, try it out; I swear that nude underwear is superior, even if they aren’t as attractive.

Put Your Hair Up

The advantage of off-shoulder dresses is that they highlight your neck, chest, and shoulders. That’s why you should pull your hair back when planning to wear an off-the-shoulder top or dress. It may appear to be a lot of skin, but I believe the whole goal of these dresses in the summer is to show off your shoulders and neck. The decolletage is a beautiful region of a woman’s body that is seductive without being too revealing.

Pulling out a few pieces of hair at the front would be the perfect pair to this dress style, as this neckline is all about delicate beauty. You can achieve this by removing a few strands from your elegant fishtail braid. A delicate braid lends structure to an updo while floating curls add the softness that some also prefer for this gown style. Any half-up, half-down hairstyle complements this dress-style neckline, but one crowned with a flower crown feels most right.

Accessories and Jewellery

woman wearing off the shoulder dress with jewellery

An off-the-shoulder dress makes a statement by itself, regardless of your accessories. However, wearing the right jewellery can enhance the whole outfit even more. If the dress is heavier, with more flow or detail, avoid wearing a necklace to draw attention to the neckline. However, if you decide to add a necklace to your appearance, make sure it complements your dress smoothly. For off-the-shoulder dresses, we recommend a delicate and unadorned choker.

When it comes to earrings, less is more is always more. Consider modest studs or small drop earrings to complement nude shoulder dresses effortlessly. Bracelets are a great finishing touch, especially if your dress is sleeveless or has short sleeves. Choose a thin layered bracelet to complement your earrings and necklace.

A plain dress serves as a blank canvas for your accessories to shine. Simple dresses, especially if you favour minimalism, can be as beautiful as complex or lengthy gowns. You can experiment with your accessories to bring just the right amount of sophistication to your look. Baroque pearls are an excellent choice for off-the-shoulder dresses. The incomparable elegance of pearls, as well as the modernity of their organic and one-of-a-kind shapes, will subtly illuminate your style.