The Importance of Tree Maintenance for the Health and Safety of Your Trees

People love decorating their homes and the one thing that has an immense power to enhance the beauty of a home is the garden. A set of lovely trees and plants can make the whole house look stunning. A garden in front of the house can also make the entrance look a lot more appealing.

Aside from enhancing the look of the property, having trees all around it helps reduce pollution, making the surrounding air fresh and healthy. But if the garden is all untidy and messy, then the whole thing can actually have a reverse effect. Besides making everything look shabby, a garden that is not well-maintained can easily become a hotbed for germs and insects. This means, preventive maintenance is essential and it must be done properly.

What Is Preventive Maintenance?

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to keep all the trees on the property healthy and safe for the environment. This means your best bet is hiring a tree care service to monitor your trees on a regular basis. By being proactive, tree experts look for potential issues that can put their surrounding environment at risk, such as diseased, decaying, or dead trees. Arborists have the skills and experience to recognize problems and resolve issues before they become serious hazards, which can cause extensive damage and expansive cleanup jobs.

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What Is an Arborist?

Simply said, arborists are doctors for trees. They are your go-to source of knowledge and experience for all tree-related issues. From simple consultation needs to best garden practices and an entire case of tree surgery, an arborist can help you with all of that.

Benefits of Hiring Tree Services

Regular inspections done by tree experts can help keep your trees healthy, thus improve the appearance of your garden. A well-maintained landscape can also increase property value. However, the main reason for preventive maintenance is to reduce safety hazards. Strong winds and heavy storms can cause a vulnerable or diseased tree to topple over, which may cause damage to their surroundings and possibly injuries.

As part of preventive maintenance, arborists examine trees for signs of disease. Unhealthy trees are the perfect target for harmful insects and other pests. There are cases when unhealthy trees start leaning to one side, resulting in a hazardous condition. Tree experts also look for tree root rot, one of the main reasons for trees toppling over with little warning.

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Tree health problems are often associated with changes in the environment. Without proper conditions to thrive, they become prone to developing diseases. Branches and limbs that are dead or decaying can break off and damage the surrounding buildings and vehicles and can even harm people. Fallen trees and large branches can also damage power lines, cause power outages and block roads.

Tree care services offer many treatment options to restore the health of trees. They may use one approach or a combination of techniques to get the best results. They will prune trees to remove dead or decaying branches. The use of pesticides may also be necessary to manage insect infestation. Tree experts will also cut down any dead trees that are in danger of falling and shore up weak, leaning and aging trees with cabling or other support systems.

If you want to add new trees to replace removed ones, arborists will recommend you the best options for the region you live in while also offering services such as planting and mulching the soil. They may also test the soil for nutrient deficiencies and apply the appropriate fertilizers. Checking the irrigation system for the trees is also part of their tree care service.

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What Insurance Should a Tree Service Have?

When hiring professional arborists, make sure they have the appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Make sure they show you their certificates of insurance. If some of the workers happen to be involved in an accident on your property and they don’t have the proper insurance, then you’d be liable. This means you will be responsible to pay for the repairs on your property and any injuries that may have occurred as a result of the accident.

It’s also a good idea to do some research to find out what kind of reputation the company has in your local community. Reliable tree care specialists will have positive online reviews in a variety of places. Check if the company you want to hire is a member of any trustful trade association, such as the Tree Care Industry Association or International Society of Arboriculture. Furthermore, check how long the company has been in business. For extra assurance, ask the company for references. Especially for costly projects, doing a bit of research is always worth the time.

How Often Should You Have Your Trees Inspected?

To keep your property looking good year-round and to reduce safety concerns, it is suggested to have your trees inspected at least once a year. By hiring a tree expert who understands the importance of preventive maintenance, you’ll get a professional who cares about the safety and beauty of your property.