The Most Important Equipment for the Perfect Bakery Shop

To establish and successfully run your bakery, you’ll need a significant amount of startup equipment. Before heading out shopping, it is important to have a detailed and well-researched list of the materials needed to establish and manage a bakery business, especially when writing the bakery business plan. You must cite the cost of equipment and supplies in the financial planning section so that nothing presents itself as a surprise later.

Baking Equipment

picture of a person holding baked muffins out of a bakery oven
source: Taylor Grote on Unsplash

The bakery oven is a must have piece of equipment as it’s the heart and soul of any bakery, and you’ll have a lot of alternatives when determining what sort of oven to buy. Before making a purchase, compare the features of commercial ovens and see what type fits your needs best. When planning, keep in mind that no matter what type of oven you instal, it will nearly always require a ventilation hood.

Convection Ovens

Convection bakery ovens are a popular component of commercial bakery equipment. They bake a wide range of items fast and uniformly, from bread loaves to cookies to cakes, pies, and brownies. Their utilisation of internal blowers to circulate the air leads to consistent browning. A convection oven is the most popular and least expensive type of oven used in a bakery.

Deck Ovens

A deck bakery oven is generally preferred by artisan bakers or those baking specific sorts of bread. Their stone cooking decks heat up, providing the crust with a distinct, crispy flavour while keeping the inside soft and moist. A deck oven takes up significantly more space than a convection oven, so bear that in mind if space is restricted. However, because of their simple design and few moving components, they survive a long time and perform smoothly. There are single-deck and multi-deck options available.

Additional Kitchen Equipment

picture of a smiling woman preping bred to go in the baking oven
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  • You’ll need a professional mixer that comes with a range of mixing attachments. You can choose between a stand mixer and a tabletop mixer based on your needs.
  • You’ll also need a powerful food processor/chopper for a range of recipes. A dough crimping, folding, trimming, and sealing machine and slicers to assist in the preparation of loaves and bagels are just as important.
  • Other necessary instruments in a bakery include rolling pins, dough rolling mats, icing grates, and spatulas of various sizes.
  • If you intend to sell cakes and custom cakes, outfit your bakery with a wide range of cake décor accessories and supplies.
  • Add to this list a variety of pans for various applications, such as pies, cakes, spring forms and loaves.

Storage Supplies and Equipment

picture of a bread in a storage bakery beside bakery ovens
source: Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Every business, including the bakery, requires storage materials in some form or another. You must keep supplies, utensils, and other items, as well as display and store prepared goods, in a clean and sanitary environment, and for this reason, you will need a list of storage equipment and supplies, which may include:

  • Shelving is an essential component for a bakery because it provides a storage place for all of your materials, other supplies, dishes, utensils, and so on.
  • A refrigerator and a freezer are must-have appliances for a bakery because the business will require a lot of refrigeration, i.e. you will need to keep all your ingredients fresh and make things much easier for you and your employees when a new order comes in. You can start a home-based bakery with just a refrigerator, but you will eventually need freezers as well!
  • Pans and storage containers are important. When running a bakery, you’ll need materials that won’t run out to bake your items. Maintain a solid inventory of pans, utensils, and backups of each material.
  • Designing your food storage bags is where you get to be creative. Sure, you could go the simple approach and save a few dollars, but having your consumers strolling around with your brand on their bag of goodies may only work to your benefit. Make a cool design that is appealing to the eye! Always keep an extra supply of food bags in your storage area.

Packaging and Display

picture of baked breads in bakery oven paked
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Your presentation is what makes the first impression, so make sure you have everything you need to present your baked goods in the best way possible. The following items may be required for a presentation:

  • Display cases are essential for presentations because they are the key to engaging customers. In the case of an online bakery, you can skip this item, but you will need a highly responsive website to display your items and allow customers to order online.
  • Because there are so many package alternatives available, you should take some time to research the options and find one that best suits your business. Make sure you have everything you need to create eye-catching packaging, such as cardboard, plastic, waxed paper, and so on.
  • Serving trays/plates/cutlery are very important for keeping your customers coming if you’re opening a bakery with seating.

Computer Software and Accounting System

A decent business accounting software is critical for a bakery that wants to be successful in the long run. When orders start coming in, being completed and eventually being paid for, you’ll appreciate having a central location to manage your cash flow. Many small businesses use downloaded software which can help you centralise your money management and reduce time spent figuring out difficult software.

You’ll also need an ordered filing system. How can you run a profitable business if your files are continually strewn and floating around in places they shouldn’t be? Before you begin operations, one of the first things you need to do is set up a system to ensure that no files are lost in the computer or in the outside world. Just like getting a quality oven, utensils, packaging and display, keeping track of records and client data is critical to the success of small businesses.