The Three Important Ss of Scandinavian Design

Danish table

What are the odds for you too to conjure the gods of simplicity for the purpose of reinventing the design of your home? In this day and age, I’d say – huge. With so many options already exhausted, going back to zero is exactly the move that’s next. Well, not zero zero, but clean enough as to flip the bird to clutter for life! Pardon my French, we won’t be needing any of that anymore cause it’s Scandinavian the adjective we’re looking for! (chuckles)

Scandinavian design, the sleek white monster that is taking the world by storm, nesting in the homes of people all around the world… Let’s see what brought about a standing ovation for this interior sensation.


When it comes to personal style, experts such as Coco Chanel have been telling us time and time again that elegance is in fact – elimination. For instance, here’s one of Coco’s famous thoughts: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” And if you look at the way she dressed, it’s all about comfort, the most elegant colours there are (black and white) and just a touch of something vibrant, such as red lipstick, or an intriguing hat. The same rules can be applied in design for the purpose of creating a unity of seamless lines and smooth surfaces.

Danish table 2


When less is more, the true essence of natural design comes forth. Scandinavian design thrives on white walls, light hardwood floors, minimal fuss and maximum natural pieces. It’s almost as if Scandinavian is the raw vegan diet of the world of design. With lines so fine and adornments well chosen and only but a few, anyone can easily put together a few pieces to make this refinement come true. For instance, white cabinets, black appliances, light hardwood floor, even lighter Danish table, dark wooden chairs, a few framed artworks and a splash of green (potted plant) could be a fantastic dining area design fable. Or you can reverse the color gradation by going with a dark Danish Table, black chairs and light floor, there are no strict rules as long as you feel the following groove: wood, black, white and strike!


Last but not least, when an area does not abound in pieces, there is more space for each piece to be of topnotch quality. Since the texture of the chairs, floor and table will be the main aspect that empowers the clean look, in order for the area to have that sophisticated appeal, choosing fine wooden pieces, such as solid oak for instance, is a must.