Transform Your Bathroom With the Secrets of LED Lightning


It’s simple: Bathrooms should be bright and clean. They are the rooms in the house where we spend a quality time of our lives, that’s why the atmosphere should be relaxing and intimate. So if you’re tired of walking into your dated bathroom and you’re dreaming of a change, here you’ll find some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas that will help you with the makeover. Now, the first thing you should know is that you don’t actually have to buy a lot of new stuff to make your bathroom look new and spa-like. If done right, lightning will give a whole new cool look to your bathroom. There are many studies that say light affects your mood, plus changing your lightning is not a difficult or an expensive task to do, but it will definitely make your bathroom look larger and fresher.

So let’s talk about the type of lighting you should choose. These days you can easily find LED lighting for the home and let me tell you: they are awesome. These lights are extremely energy efficient, they have a lifespan of up to 60 thousand hours and they don’t generate heat therefore it’s completely safe to touch them. Plus, if you decide to get LED lighting for the home, you’ll also be saving the planet because they are made from non toxic materials and don’t pose danger to the environment. With LED lights you can be both Earth-friendly and classy! And we honestly love using LED lights simply because they are minimalistic in appearance and give a clean lined and a modern bathroom look.

But first start with the paint. Make sure you select a bright color for your walls, preferably white, because when you use lights as a decoration you don’t need too much color in the room, especially not in the bathroom. Once you’ve refreshed your walls, you can start thinking about upgrading the lights. You should know that there is a great variety of led lighting for home purposes, so replacing your outdated lighting fixtures with new ones won’t be a problem at all.


Start with an overhead ceiling illumination. Hidden, small and intimate lights up in the ceiling will make your bathroom the perfect romantic home-based getaway. These lights will highlight all the tiny yet important details and will give a whole new personality to your bathroom.

Second step – the vanity area. This is the most important corner for women because most of us want to get pretty in front of our bathroom mirror and for that we need a proper lighting. For the vanity area you can go with a few monocle wall sconces or you can simply surround your mirror with led lightning bulbs and give the nook a whole new subtle effect. Here you can use your decorative imagination and give your beauty corner a personal and glamorous look with lightning.

Don’t forget the shower/tub area. People often don’t pay attention to lights in this area thinking that the ceiling lights are enough, but that’s not true. If you have a bathtub, equal lights on the both sides of the tub is the best option. If you have a shower, make sure that you place the lightning directly over where you usually stand for safety reasons.

Since the clarity of the natural daylight is hard to replicate, there is a vast variety of lightning sources that will bring a ray of sunshine in our homes. LED technology has affected positively the market and it’s a good thing that its use is increasing each day. So if you want to make your bathroom a dreamy and a beautiful place, follow these easy steps and make a brilliant makeover in just a few days. You’ll immediately forget about all those luxurious spa centers and will turn your bathroom into a personal wellness and beauty spot, perfect for hard days and romantic nights.