Tree Care: Learn About the Importance of Timely Cutting and Removal

A little bit of greenery is a welcome addition to a property, especially one that’s part of the cityscapes that are overly dominated by steel, concrete and glass. A tree in the yard is beneficial in more ways than one, from boosting the curb appeal and increasing privacy to improving the shade and breeze, providing some fruits or nuts, and even inviting the wildlife in.

To be able to reap all these, however, it’s expected to do the regular tree care consisting of trimming and pruning to ensure your tree looks its best. If you don’t know how to go about it yourself, you can count on professional arborists to take care of this important task for you, and further lower the chances for diseases, improve the appearance, and safety overall.

Man is pruning a tree in garden

There are also instances where you’d have to make a tough call – that of having to do proper tree cutting or even removing, which is also where professionals can give you a hand. They know all the ins and outs of having this task done, whether it’s the required paperwork by the local government or the assessment and removal plan, the signs of diseases or the needed tools and their usage, plus the tidying up after the removal mess.

They also know how to deal with the resulting stumps, so you can have your property in safe hands throughout the whole process. Leave the sentimentality aside, and call in the arborists before some serious accident or damage happens that insurance might not cover. Reasons to consider this move include:

The Attraction of Pests

Tree branch with pests

If your tree has seen better days and is nowhere near getting back to its optimum, it may be the ideal place for pests to settle. Besides the termites and insects that simply adore dead trees, you could also get problems with wasps, bees, as well as rats that could easily make their way in your home.

The Possibility of Damage

You may not think of it this way, but a sick or dead tree is more of a nuisance than a welcome addition. This can especially be seen in case of bad weather with lots of winds and rains that can easily tear apart some of the tree’s branches, affect nearby structures like a roof or a car, and even toss them around entirely.

Damages aren’t only related to your property if we consider the risk of damages to the power lines. Before you know it, your fallen tree could lead to power cuts for the whole neighbourhood which is nothing short of a nuisance. Unwanted and costly damages are certainly something you don’t want to be dealing with, so it’s better to invest in professional tree cutting and removal to have peace of mind and save up more money in the long run.

The Safety Risk

What could be worse than property damages? An accident involving the tree or some of its branches falling on a passerby, family member or visitor. It could cause serious injuries, or even put the person’s life in danger, and that’s a risk I’m sure you probably aren’t willing to take.

The Unappealing Look

Dead tree in a garden

Much like the addition of a new tree could enhance the curb appeal as a whole, the presence of a sick or dead tree could have the opposite effect and ruin your landscaping value as a whole. This is especially bad news if you plan to sell the property, so before listing it, be sure to get the trained professionals in to properly handle the unsightly issue.

When Is It Time to Call the Arborists?

When you see some signs that your tree is in need of help or a case for tree removal if it’s beyond saving. This includes signs like:

An Infection

If you notice changes with the crown, in the example of cracks, splits, a change in the colour of the leaves, or even crumbling wood, then there’s a high chance you’re dealing with an infestation that could or can’t be treated. The professionals would be able to assess the problem and point you in the direction of the ideal solution.

Dead Branches

Branch of dead tree with blue sky and the tree is not dead

These aren’t just branches that require immediate pruning or cutting but could point to a more serious need for removal as they could easily fall out and injure people around or cause property damage.

Problems with the Root

Dealing with a root problem could indicate a serious issue with the well-being of the tree as a whole that could affect its whole structure. Be aware of fungi at the tree’s base or even heaving soil as indicators of root problems.

Hollow Tree

Although hollow trees aren’t that big of a problem in uninhabited areas, they can mean trouble in populated areas for the previously mentioned reasons. If you notice hollow parts on the inside of the tree or parts that have rotted, it’s time to get experienced help.