The Importance and Different Types of Trolleys

Working in a warehouse is one of the most labor-intensive jobs out there. That being said, warehouse managers should do everything in their power to ensure their employees are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, so that there is an uninterrupted work flow. One of the most affordable and practical pieces of warehouse equipment is the trolley.

Trolleys are an incredibly practical material handling solution for transporting both light and heavy items. They increase warehouse efficiency by allowing employees to quickly and efficiently load, transport and locate items. This in turn reduces the operational costs of the warehouse, and contributes towards worker safety. There are various different types of trolleys, all made for carrying out specific tasks. Some of the most popular types include the platform trolley, cage trolley, tool trolley and the shelf trolley.


Platform Trolley

Platform trolleys are arguably the most commonly utilised trolleys of all. They feature a flat platform that’s mounted on a 4-wheel chassis and has handles on one or both ends. The weight capacity of platform trolleys varies greatly, and they can either be caged or open. Most heavy-duty platform trolleys are made of quality steel, while the more light-duty models are made of aluminium.

Cage Trolley

Cage trolleys are basically platform trolleys that feature meshed walls to prevent items from falling off during transit. Cage trolleys significantly increase worker safety, and they feature departmentalised shelving for better organization. Similarly to platform trolleys, their durability and weight capacity depends on the materials the cage and the platform itself are made from. Steel is the recommended material for both platform and cage, as it’s very durable.

Tool Trolley

Tool trolleys are ideal for technicians and maintenance crews that need to store commonly used tools in a convenient, portable place. They’re typically small and feature shelving that allows you to store everything in an organised manner. The molded tops provide space for diagnostic equipment, laptop or smart devices, while the smaller molder spaces provide space for small items like fasteners.

Shelf Trolley

Shelf trolleys, as their name implies, are warehouse trolleys with shelving that allows you to carry multiple-sized boxes or items. The shelves are usually slightly sloped to the back, so that you don’t have to worry about items falling off during transit. Additionally, three sides of the shelf trolley are surrounded with bars, meaning there’s only one side open for loading.