The Two Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying an iPad Keyboard

iPads are becoming more and more popular as they’re also becoming more capable, and more people prefer the convenience of carrying one over a laptop. They’re smaller, more compact, more lightweight, and you can fit them in a small bag or a backpack to carry with you wherever you go. The one thing I’ve seen many people have a problem with when using an iPad, however, is typing on the touchscreen. Luckily, that can be easily fixed by investing in a Bluetooth keyboard.

brydge keyboard ipad pro 12.9

In fact, the first thing I did after I got my iPad Pro 12.9 was getting a keyboard. Frankly, I didn’t like spending extra money on a Bluetooth keyboard, but it turned out that it does make using the iPad significantly easier. With that said, as soon as I got home and used the iPad for a couple of hours, I decided that I’ll be much better off using a keyboard instead of the touchscreen, so I ordered a Bluetooth Brydge keyboard iPad Pro 12.9 the same day. But before I did so, I shopped around a bit and actually found a wide range of keyboards available for every iPad out there.

The most important decision you’ll have to make is whether you should go for a keyboard-case or a standard wireless Bluetooth keyboard. A keyboard-case combo will practically turn your iPad into a laptop. This makes working on it while it’s on your lap much easier since the case will keep your iPad’s display and the keyboard both steady. However, having to get the iPad out and into the case all the time can be frustrating, and keeping it wrapped inside the keyboard-case kinda defeats the purpose of having a tablet. With that said, carefully consider how much time you’re going to spend using the keyboard.

brydge keyboard ipad pro 12.9

Luckily, there are million wireless, Bluetooth keyboards for iPads on the market, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that fits your budget. The only thing you need to pay attention to is whether the keyboard is compatible or not, which is pretty easy to do since most keyboards have a list of devices they work with. The Bluetooth Brydge keyboard iPad Pro 12.9 is designed for the iPad 12.9 specifically and doesn’t work with other devices. However, there are universal models that you can use with other iPad Pros and even Surfaces. Basically, you need to consider how often you’ll use the iPad and the keyboard before deciding on the type you should go with. Ensure whether the keyboard you’re looking at is compatible with the iPad you have, and that’s about it.