Unlocking Peak Performance: Ultimate9’s evcX Throttle Controller Revolutionizes Jeep Wrangler JK Driving Experience

Have you been contemplating giving your JK Wrangler a performance upgrade? The Wrangler’s 3.6l V6 powerplant is a more than willing recipient for everything from a cool air intake and headers, to a supercharger and chip tuning, but how about getting comparable performance without lifting the hood or turning a wrench?

All you need is 10 minutes to install an advanced aftermarket throttle controller and instantly tap into the JK’s full potential. And if you think you’ve already heard everything there is to say about throttle controllers, then you need to keep reading.

Throttle controller technology has evolved, and it’s more capable than it’s ever been. It takes a special company to capitalize on the the full range of possibilities that modern throttle controllers have to offer though, and that’s precisely what Melbourne Australia’s Ultimate9 has done with their groundbreaking evcX™.

evcX Throttle Control Unleashes JK Wrangler Power Potential

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The evcX is a feature-rich, second-generation throttle controller that builds on the success of Ultimate9’s patented first-generation controller, the EVC™. There’s more, however, to the evcX than just an updated control module and driver interface. Enhanced functionality helps make the evcX the most advanced electronic throttle control Jeep Wrangler JK owners can buy, and it places complete throttle management directly in the palm of your hand.

Unlike most aftermarket throttle controllers, the evcX doesn’t arbitrarily modify the reference points between your JK’s throttle and ECU: it optimizes them, giving you the most customizable range of throttle responsiveness that you’ve ever had. The evcX’s signalization effectively frees up the horsepower to match your real-time driving demands, including:

  • Turning, passing, or merging without throttle lag or hesitation;
  • Improving low RPM traction when you’re towing or pulling; and,
  • Experiencing greater steering control on wet, slippery, or low traction surfaces.

The evcX exemplifies why performance – especially throttle controller enhanced performance – isn’t about producing more power. It’s about making the best use of the power that’s already available; and with 285 hp on-hand and weighing barely 4000lb in its heaviest trim, the JK’s power-to-weight ratio is comparable to an AWD Mustang. JKs don’t need more power: they need better power management, and that’s precisely what you can expect from Ultimate9’s most advanced JK throttle controller to date.

9 evcX Driver Modes Give You Fully Customizable Performance

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With 9 driver-selectable modes, including 8 exclusive driving modes, the evcX Jeep JK throttle controller boasts 5 more control modes than its predecessor, the EVC. And with 32 selectable levels of sensitivity across all of its modes, it’s no coincidence that the evcX is as effective at improving fuel economy and vehicle security, as it is at increasing performance.

  • Ultimate9 Mode. This evcX mode directs the control module to provide maximum throttle response according to the amount of pressure being applied to the accelerator.
  • Launch Mode. When selected, EvcX’s Launch Mode signals the ECU to deliver maximum throttle response on takeoff, but without torque-induced wheelspin.
  • Anti-slip Mode. At low RPM, this evcX mode features 9 levels of sensitivity that help feather out the throttle response that’s needed for sure-footed traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Valet Mode. The evcX’s Valet Mode limits throttle response to only 50% of the JK’s maximum RPM, making it easier to park, or back up with a trailer.
  • Lock Mode. This new, highly anticipated mode can be set to block all throttle inputs, even when the engine running, preventing your Jeep from being stolen if you step away from it.

And with all of its capabilities, the evcX’s Wrangler JK throttle controller won’t interfere with the Jeep’s Hill Start Assist (HSA), Electronic Roll Control (ERC), or any other factory-installed traction-, or safety-control feature. It illustrates just how efficiently the evcX integrates with the Jeep platform, both technically and operationally.

Bluetooth Convenience for Maximum Throttle Controller Efficiency

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It’s no exaggeration calling the evcX the most practical JK Wrangler throttle response controller on the market. Starting with the evcX’s USB-ported control module that allows you to mount the driver’s interface anywhere on the dashboard, the system’s operational flexibility is evident.

The redesigned, dual-ported USB-C interface gives the evcX its Bluetooth connectivity; and through Ultimate9’s TC (Throttle Control) app, you have the ability to control your evcX system from the convenience of your own iOS or Android-equipped smart device. The app makes quick adjustments to the JK Wrangler throttle response controller possible with only the swipe of a thumb and features a selection of options that include:

  • Comprehensive mode and level selections;
  • A choice of menu interface colours and styles; and,
  • An interface lock that secures your vehicle.

Make no mistake: it doesn’t matter if you prefer to use the driver interface’s sleek, OLED display, or your own smartphone, the evcX lets you control your JK’s performance exactly the way you want it. Everything about the evcX speaks to efficiency, and that even includes the control module.

Get Straight to the Power With Easy Installation

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Ultimate9 products are known for their convenient setups, and the evcX’s control module and interface are no exception. Just like the EVC, the evcX boasts a straightforward installation that plugs directly into the JK’s wiring and is easily completed with the following steps:

  • Unplug the JK’s throttle positioning sensor (TPS) cable from the accelerator;
  • Plug the control module’s connector into the back of the accelerator;
  • Connect the TPS cable to the control module;
  • Route the USB cable from the module to where you’d like to mount the interface; and,
  • Connect the USB cable to the driver’s interface.

The evcX’s setup and operating instructions are as clear-cut as the installation, and you’ll instantly feel the difference in your JK’s responsiveness.

The Final Word

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At the end of the day, when it comes to affordable power, the 3rd generation JKs are arguably the unsung heroes of the Wrangler lineup. Even without the upgrades, they’ve got power to spare; but when it’s time to put even more power to the ground, you don’t have to abandon their affordability to get the job done.

With the evcX being the most advanced electronic throttle control Jeep Wrangler JK owners can buy, it sets a new standard for JK performance. JK’s already have the power: you just need the evcX’s advanced technology to turn it loose.