Updating the Bathroom: Small Changes Are of Great Importance


Although the bathroom often feels like the most boring room in the house, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some time on your hands and some good inspiration, you can really make it shine. And considering how it’s often a very small space, any small change can instantly turn it around. To help you get inspired, here are a few easy and affordable ways to give your old and tired bathroom a new and improved look.

Replace Anything Plastic

Now be honest, would you eat out of a plastic bowl and have plastic chairs in your dining room? So why go for plastic bathroom accessories? Is it because they’re cheap? Don’t get me wrong, I also want to save a few dollars whenever I can, but buying plastic bathroom accessories is certainly not smart. First of all, they’re ugly, and second – they’re usually of poor quality and are quickly due for a replacement. On the other hand, toilet roll holders, brushes, soap dispensers and towel racks made of high-grade materials such as wood, marble, or even stone can last for a lifetime. Not to mention how they make your bathroom look much more expensive than it is. So, It’s time to say goodbye to your old plastics and go on the hunt for sleek, modern toilet roll holders Australia homeware stores sell.

Enclose Your Shower

One of the reasons we love taking long showers is the ability to take a break of life and enter our happy space. Therefore, putting a barrier between your tub and the rest of the world is an absolute must. Plus, your tiles will thank you for it. This barrier could be a dramatic shower curtain that can act as a statement piece, bringing a touch of personality in a minimalist bathroom. Or if your bathroom already has too many bold accents, a glass shower enclosure can also be a wonderful addition. Whether you opt for clear or master carre, glass is a gleaming element that visually expands the space, unlike shower curtains who tend to constrict it.

Upgrade the Fixtures

Your budget may not be big enough to handle major bathroom upgrades such as replacing the tub or switching the tiles, but swapping out your old faucets and shower heads is certainly cheap and quick. And you’d be surprised just how much impact this one simple change can generate, especially if you make an unusual choice and go for black fixtures this time. Just think about how modern a black showerhead can look against a crisp white tub. And the good news is that black fixtures won’t show ugly water spots or fingerprints like other lighter finishes do.

These are just a few ideas you can make your bathroom as beautiful as it is functional. And if that means spending hours of browsing faucets and toilet roll holders Australia online stores sell – it’s definitely worth it!