Want to Enhance Your Landscape? It’s Important to Choose the Right Plants

Shrubs come in so many different shapes, sizes, foliage’s, flowers and can really transform an ordinary garden into something wonderful. Shrub plants really make a yard feel more complete and more inviting, which is why some people only opt to have shrubs instead of trees or grass. They have a nice foliage that is decorative and very useful which is why so many people love them. When talking about shrub plants, we are actually covering a wide range of different plants because they come in all sorts of barks, blooms, and colours. The size of these plants also offers you a transition between grass or ground covers and tall trees which adds some balance to the space. You can use these plants almost anywhere including slopes, walls, as backdrops, to cover up eyesores, and so much more. Below we are going over five reasons why you should choose to add shrub plants to your garden.Shrub Plants

1. They add layers to your yard to create a great transition between plants. They help break up the transition between flowers, grass, and trees. They help your eye transition from one plant to another without grabbing too much focus. You can also, by all means, exclude flowers from your garden and just inclusively have shrubs and trees. They can also make a great focal point if you use a good variety of them but they are also more relaxing than flowers.

2. Shrubs guide your eye to certain points in the garden if you plan it out correctly. This can be done really well and can give your yard more depth and structure. You can use shrubs to guide focus to one or more focal points depending on how much space you have. They can bring a lot of structure to a yard that might have a loose or informal design to it. You can play with symmetry to really guide the eye directly to a spot.

3. Flowers fade so shrubs add something interesting when they are no longer in bloom. There is a huge variety of shrub plants out there that have different coloured leaves that come in many different textures. This can really be great when blooms are no longer an option because they still add something interesting to your yard as well as a dash of colour. It’s important to have a mixture of colours and textures to make your yard stand out and really look complete.

4. They look great, even in the winter when most plants and trees don’t. They will look great all winter and will add a sense of depth to your yard when the flowers stop blooming and the leaves fall off the trees. In addition to looking really great and giving you a nice view they also provide local wildlife a place to live while the winter months go by. They also add some protection to any delicate plants you may have nearby, making sure that they last you to spring.

5. Give your yard diversity and watch as more and more wildlife are attracted to your yard. If you have a nice flowerbed, why not mix it up with some shrub plants? This will instantly attract new birds and give them a place to sit or shelter. This also gives those friendly insects you need for your garden to blossom a place to sit and shelter meaning that you will have great plants all year around. This helps support all the animals in your garden making sure that they are there every season, meaning your garden will always look great.