What’s So Important About Headboards In Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method comprised of set of techniques for placement of the objects in the home. The main purpose of Feng Shui is balancing chi (life force or spiritual energy) in the home and with that creating pleasant, relaxed and healthier living environment.



The proper flow of the energy is important for every room in the home, particularly in the bedroom, because it’s the place where we rest and relax. To make your bedroom a place that promotes relaxation, you need to consider the position of the most essential bedroom furniture elements, from bed heads and bed itself to bedside tables and lighting elements.


Special focus is put on the bed heads in Feng Sui. This is an important element that stands for stability and protection. The solid and quality headboard will provide you a sense of support and security. Also, it is believed that the headboard will improve the relationship between the partners.

Go for a wooden headboard. Wood is a natural element that features strength and warmth. Being the solid material, wood will give you a good backing and protection. You can also choose an upholstered headboard foe added style.

The headboard should always be attached to the bed, and not to the wall. This will create the feeling of security when you lean your head on against it. It’s believed that a good headboard and bed itself for that matter, can improve the night sleep and lead to a better romance.

The storage headboards on which you can place objects you use before you go to bed such as a book or your cellphone, are not good option for your bedroom. Putting objects on the headboard can interfere with the quality of your sleep. For this reason stick to simple models.


One of the most important rule in Feng Shui is for the headboard to be proportional with the size of the bed. This said, you should avoid too big or too small headboards. They not only look unnatural, but also the headboard which is not in proportion with the bed, is believed to diminish the quality of sleep. Another important factor is to choose a headboard with no sharp edges or corners.

If you want to make the atmosphere in your bedroom relaxed and pleasant make sure you consider the aforementioned tips.