Why Is Poetry Important and How Poetry Can Change Lives

Today, we’re talking about this great topic, about why poetry is so important and how poetry can change lives. As the poet John Burnside (winner of 2012’s TS Eliot award) says: “Poetry is central to our culture, and that it is capable of being the most powerful and transformative of the arts.”


Writing poetry is one of the most transformative and powerful art, that is central to our culture. There are some poems that can change your life. They change the way you look and listen to the world. Some on repeated readings will reveal areas of your life and experience that you’ve forgotten and lost sight of. If we would break it down, poetry is important because it makes us think. It shows us what we could do with our language. It is subtle and somehow one of the most powerful art forms.

Poetry reminds us that mountains and lakes are some of the most beautiful things to observe and connect with, and not just items on spreadsheets and “natural resources”. Poem writers use language to honor and celebrate, rather than abuse and denigrate. People feel that poetry is only in the past and lives on through the great dead poet’s society of history, for example, Milton or Shakespeare. However, one might argue that poetry can be, or rather is a center experience at this time and age, rather than in history.

Some poems make us think about of the day-to-day relationships that we have with the people that are in our lives, children, spouses, and friends.

The poems that we read and the poets that write them find a way go be present into our lives with the music and wit that they compose, and they stay to make us think what we are capable of and how we live, as is the job of a poet. Poetry deepens and renews the gift that all of us have and the gift that makes us human beings, imagination. Imagination is a great deal in our lives, the more imaginative we strive to and become, the more compassionate we become and that is one of the highest and greatest virtues of all. Poetry sometimes draws up an essential philosophical idea about the facts of our lives, endurance, place, time, and the difficult disciplines of love.

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