Ageing Women: The Importance of Style Over 50

Though it’s natural to have some fears about ageing, because after all the body goes through considerable changes with the skin and the shape, we’ve got it wrong when it comes to associating beauty only with youth.

A woman doesn’t lose her attractiveness once she reaches her 50s or 60s, on the contrary, it’s the time and age when insecurities ought to diminish and as a result confidence starts growing more every day. Style can be just the means to achieve this.

Of course, you have to be careful with the pieces you choose to wear, and make sure you dress age-appropriate. If you feel drawn towards wearing something sexy, choose sensual instead. What’s important is to show off your figure with something that flatters it, instead of something that makes it look too tight in it or the opposite, like a sack of potatoes.

For instance, the tank tops would be considered a definite no-no unless you pair them with the versatile older ladies jackets. Whether you’re up for something casual or elegant, you’re sure to find it with the classy and flirty designs that don’t say boring or basic.

older ladies jackets

A piper jacket, cardy or bomber jacket are some of the older ladies jackets ideal for the athleisure outfits, whereas blazers and wraps are known to be the match for elegant outfits, however as they are available in many colours and prints, like the lively florals, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up a little.

A long cardigan can easily be combined with a long dress – your casual plus elegant outfit. Skinny jeans are other items that usually wouldn’t be recommended but as long as you wear it with a long jacket that hits below the hips, you’re good to go.

Timeless leather jackets aren’t just for people younger than 50, so treat yourself to one that you’d wear with pants as much as with dresses and skirts. Speaking of which, the ideal length for both dresses and skirts is to the knee, nothing higher or you risk looking tacky. After all, not everyone is Christie Brinkley.

You could always try layering using the help of ponchos and scarves, then styling up with accessories. Leggings aren’t exactly the desirable pieces however same as skinny jeans, if paired with the right long top, they are a welcome addition to your closet. Best of all is they’re comfortable as can be.

Choose the right piece and the right fit, and see how you start feeling great in your own skin.