Bathroom Basin 101: The Importance of Choosing the Right One

Bathrooms are probably the most difficult rooms to renovate since there are so many things to think about. All of the elements that go into them have to be functional, and they need to serve an aesthetical purpose, to complement the style of the bathroom and your home. The same goes for anything you buy, you might think, but when it comes to bathrooms, the choices are so vast that you can lose yourself in the search. One of the most important elements of every bathroom, the bathroom sink, comes in an incredible variety, not only in designs, colours, sizes etc. but also in the way it is installed.

modern bathroom basin


Choosing a Bathroom Basin

When you start looking for an elegant basin for bathrooms, there is a list of things you’ll have to take into consideration such as the shape, the colour and the material of the sink. All of these choices basically come down to your own preferences, your taste, the design style of your home, and of course your budget.

And, while this isn’t very simple, it’s just the beginning. When deciding the size of the sink, you’ll also need to take the size of the bathroom itself into consideration. In some cases, this may also determine the design of the sink. For instance, if your bathroom is narrow, you might benefit more from an oval or a rectangular sink.

Types of Bathroom Basins

Believe it or not, there is something even harder in the process of choosing a sink ­– finding the right type of sink you want to buy and install. Though there are many different types, they can all be put into several categories, which can help you narrow down the search, since each of these types has some advantages and disadvantages that can make them more or less suitable for different bathrooms.

vessel basins for bathroom



Those luxurious basins that look like a large bowl sitting on top of the vanity or the cabinet, called countertop, bench-mounted or vessel basins, are one of the most popular choices in contemporary bathroom designs. Most of them are entirely exposed, though some models can sit slightly below the surface. Basins of this kind come in a great variety of styles, materials, sizes, shapes, which means that they can work in bigger and in some smaller bathrooms. Fairly easy to install, vessel basins can be the perfect element to give character to your bathroom. If you want the hand basin to be the element that adds style and interest to your bathroom, their elegant and classy look could help you do just that.


Similarly to vessel basins, drop-in basins, also known as rimmed basins, sit on top of a cabinet or a vanity, but as the name suggests, part of them drops into the benchtop. They’re probably the most standard bathroom sinks, and they are easy to install on almost any surface. The only thing that is required is a properly sized cut out so that the basin can be placed in the hole. The rim of the sink, the only visible part on top of the bench, by which the sink is held into place and supported can vary in width.

drop-in basin for bathroom with decorative mirror behind



Like with drop-in basins, with under-mount basins the waterfalls underneath the surface, however, unlike them, under-mount basins are entirely installed underneath the benchtop, and the edge of the counter covers the rim of the sink. A basin for bathrooms like this can look very elegant, creating a clean look. However, they are more expansive and their installation is more complex. Furthermore, they can only be installed under solid surfaces, made from strong materials, such as stone or marble.


As the name suggests, these washbasins hang off of the wall of the bathroom, with the plumbing features exposed bellow it, which can look great. They are perfect for small bathrooms since they don’t take up a lot of space. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be used in bigger bathrooms if you are going for a minimalistic look, and you don’t need extra storage space underneath the sink, as these basins won’t allow for a built-in cabinet.

wall-mounted marble basin for bathroom



Like Wall-mounted basins, pedestal basins can only stand on their own. However, in this case, the plumbing isn’t exposed but rather hidden by the pedestal. They are great for smaller bathrooms since you can choose a smaller sink that won’t take up to much space, but they can also look great in bigger bathrooms. They can give your bathroom a classy look, and they are perfect for minimalistic design styles. However, if you decide to go for a pedestal sink, you should make sure that you’ll have enough storage space if you don’t have a cabinet underneath your sink.