Best Christmas Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Receiving gifts makes us feel special, cared for and happy, especially if it’s from dear people to us. However, psychological science studies have confirmed that the joy of giving outlasts the joy of receiving presents. As a matter of fact, it is found that the person who gives presents triggers the release of endorphins into their brain, producing the same euphoric feelings of pleasure and joy we experience after having a tough workout or when we’re in love.

three Christmas cups of hot chocolate

Christmas makes the perfect time of the year to open our hearts and surprise our friends and loved ones with something endearing and thoughtful. And when it comes to edible gifts, chocolate is everyone’s favourite go-to treat. While consuming this treat our brain releases dopamine and endorphins in our body which make us feel good. So, if you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves chocolate, look no further as we have suggestions that will knock their socks off.

What Do You Get a Chocolate Lover for Christmas?

There are a plethora of ways you can surprise a chocolate lover. From preparing a gourmet chocolate hamper to buying something that will give them the same sensation, such as picking a scented chocolate candle or finding the best type of wine that pairs well with chocolate for the season.  The best sort of chocolate we can decide to give as a gift is the one we’d usually decide to buy for ourselves.

Merry Christmas Choc Bucket

girl holding a Christmas sweet hamper full of chocolates

You would hardly find anyone who doesn’t love chocolate. Chocolate is decadent, tasty, and a universally enjoyed treat. So, Christmas sweet hampers with an assortment of gourmet chocolates sound like the real deal. This particular Christmas chocolate basket includes a selection of 40 delicious gourmet chocolates including Lindt Balls and solid Swiss chocolates. To add your personal touch you can decide to include a personalized gift card and wish the recipient a Merry Christmas.

Sweet Treat Gift Hamper

So can you think of something better than a selection of chocolate and other mouthwatering sweet treats? These gorgeous Christmas sweet hampers are guaranteed way to make everyone smile. Inside you’ll find everything from the ultimate selection of dark chocolate salted biscuits, to plant-based cinnamon meringues, honeycomb bars, salted caramel, milk chocolate blocks and so much more.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Candle

lighting a chocolate scented candle on table

Who said that a chocolate gift has to be edible? Deciding to buy a chocolate chip brownie candle for Christmas can trigger the same effect as eating chocolate by releasing a cascade of pleasurable hormones in your body. Just imagine the smell of their favourite sweet treat pervading throughout the entire atmosphere of their home. This gift sounds like the perfect recipe for cosiness and relaxation for the Christmas holiday season indeed.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Baking Christmas cookies is all about mixing flavours, colours, and textures. But what makes it even more fun is when they are moulded into nice and festive shapes, such as gingerbread cookies, Xmas tree, Santa’s head, etc. This gift choice will be surely appreciated and enjoyed by the whole family. Every cookie cutter is made out of food-safe steel that is strong enough to easily cut through the cookie dough and other soft foods but also flexible enough to create the detailed shapes of these Christmas edible ornaments.

You can even go beyond it and bake a set of handmade Christmas cookies with these amazing cookies cutters, place them in a nice box, and send them to the recipient intended for. You can rest assured this gift will be very much appreciated and loved.

Chocolate Self Care Box

 self-care chocolate Christmas hamper

The holidays season is the perfect time of the year when we can make time for ourselves, and indulge in a bubbly bath with the smell of chocolate or spiced gingerbread cookies. If your loved one is a fan of chocolate and self-care items then a chocolate self-care box is the perfect gift for them.

Besides, self-care items are never enough. This set also includes a soap bar, shampoo, body butter, bubble bath, and a chocolate-scented candle. You can decide to package all of these items inside a nice and festive box, include a personalized message as well, and send it to the lucky recipient.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

Drinking red wine around the holidays is the treat we need. You can also decide to spice it with various mulling spices and drink it hot. Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is an alcoholic drink that is considered a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas.

A chocolate hamper containing a bottle of bold Spanish Red wine perfectly paired with a selection of decadently dark chocolate can be the ultimate gift for relaxation around the holidays. Packaged in a nice gift box, it makes the perfect Xmas gift hamper for any chocolate and red wine lover!