Corporate Gifting Is Important: Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

Having a company requires dedication, excellent management, hard work and a team that does their best to keep the company going day by day. Contacts and building relationships with clients and customers are crucial not only for the success of your company but for your successful representation in the corporate world as well.

clients exchanging gifts in an office space.

One way to get closer to your clients is through gifting. Remembering big days related to your clients is not only a great way to deepen the bond but also to keep those bonds strong for a long time. You may think that a client gift is a silly thing that probably your clients won’t appreciate, but not all gifts of this type are going to end in the trash. If you think through your gifts well, you can give great gifts that are useful, practical or even delicious.

The Purpose of Corporate Gifting

People love getting gifts because it makes them feel valued and recognised. That said, sending gifts is one of the best ways to show your gratitude and appreciation for a good collaboration, well-finished job or simply to show that you value these people as your clients. The purpose of this is to make a good impression and connect with the people who receive the gift. This way you are not only showing them that you’re appreciating the relationship but also you are creating a great presentation of your company.

What to Give?

This can always be a huge dilemma. Many companies will give their managers a small allowance to spend on employee rewards as gratitude for their outstanding accomplishments. But, this allowance can be also used to get a client gift as a way to show appreciation, gratitude or satisfaction that these clients decided to work with you. There are way too many options for such gifts. The easiest solution is to simply get a gift card or gift vouchers. However, gifts of this kind aren’t very memorable, and they often end up gathering dust in a drawer, being unused.

That said, it’s best to go for something specific. When you decide to send a more personalised gift, things become even better. This way you aren’t putting a rigid barrier between your clients or employees, but you show that you truly care about these people and took up the time to brainstorm and purchase the gifts on your own.

However, getting a physical gift instead of a vague gift like a voucher only puts further pressure on managers since now they need to come up with a specific idea. Worry not, one of the most versatile options you can never go wrong with is edible corporate gifts. No matter who you are collaborating with, nobody will be able to say ‘no’ to a delicious and beautifully arranged client gift such as a box of chocolate doughnuts, cookies filled with delicious Nutella cream, holiday-themed cakes and all types of candies.

gift ideas for clients basket with baked cookies, a plant and a gift card

Just pick a gourmet gift basket company near you to thoughtfully provide you with meaningful gifts that can be personalised with your company’s logo and recipients’ names. These are perfect for all kinds of corporate environments and they come under the umbrella of what is corporate gifting.

If you’re planning to honour another company that’s a client of yours, some office-related gifts can be practical items that will be put to good use. An exquisite fountain pen, a personalised plaque, or a custom ink blotter is always appreciated. You can also show that you care about the health and well-being of the people by getting them an accessory such as an ergonomic mouse, keyword or monitor stand since office ergonomics is important.

Activities, sporting events, and live entertainment also make thrilling gifts as a reward for your mutual success. These types of gifts are also great for team building and letting the employees of both companies get to know each other better.

Whichever of the above-mentioned options you pick, all are a smart way to put a smile on your clients’ faces and make their day a bit sweeter. And gifts like these will stay in their memories far more than a simple gift card.

When Is the Best Time to Send Gifts?

Your clients will probably want to get a gift for some of the holidays, like during Christmas or Easter. But if their birthday is known to you, you can even schedule to send a client gift on this day. This is a very personal gesture, and the fact that your company actually remembered their birthday is just a wonderful way to show how dedicated you are to the people you work with.

Where to Get Corporate Gifts for Clients?

There are many great stores that offer wholesale items where you can get your clients a gift. It’s important that you choose a business that works dedicatedly to offer things that are of quality and well-made. If your final choice is a box with delicious sweets, go for a store that has a long tradition and satisfied customers. The last thing you want is to send a box of sweets that taste poorly or aren’t fresh.

Remember, your clients should get a delicious and unforgettably good gift, so make sure it’s purchased from a great store. Go for stores that can meet your guidelines and that also take care of their clients’ desires.