Decorative Bowls: A Versatile Piece of Living Room Decor

Decorative bowls are one of the finishing layers of the overall decor in your living room. These pieces don’t take up a lot of space but still manage to accentuate your living area. Simply by adding variety and colour, a decorative bowl can really enhance the overall image and act as a refreshment to the room. They are quite appealing when used bare, but you can also add some details.

Candles for Cosy Illumination

Candles can perfectly complement your decorative bowl if you find candlelight relaxing and enjoyable. These can be a great companion at night, making the whole room ambient more homey and warm. You can either add some greenery, or use jars and place the candles inside.

Dried Flowers for Colorful Image

If your living space lacks colour, or you simply want to make a stronger statement when it comes to your living room décor, then you should consider complementing your decorative bowl with dried flowers. Opt for ones that come in noticeable colours and you will see how one small piece can provide instant lift and character to the space.

A Group of Small Bowls for Richer Display

A number of people like to make a statement by filling an area with various items, rather than with colour. This is also achievable with decorative bowls. Simply group a few smaller ones and place them as you see fit. You can either try to make sure they all have matching patterns, or avoid that if it’s too monotonous of an option for you.

An Ideal Place for Snacks

Regardless of whether you are planning to watch some of your favourite TV shows alone or you are planning a game or movie night with family or friends, a decorative bowl full of snacks can make the night more festive. This is, in fact, the best way to make sure of these bowls as much as possible.

Fresh Flowers or Sachets for Floral Smell

There are some types of decorative bowls that can serve as beautiful planters. All you need to do is place the container in which the flowers are potted in the bowl and enjoy the way they look and smell. While on the topic of flowery, pleasant smell, you can also use scented sachets. Just make sure that they are small enough so that you can place more than one in the bowl. Use different scents ( that complement each other and enjoy. Just remember that when watering the plant, you need to wait before it is completely drained and only then place it back in the bowl.

Knick Knack Holder for Convenience

Besides improving the look of your room, a decorative bowl can also be used as a spot where you can keep some of your belongings. If you are one of those people that always loses their keys, you will find this option to be invaluable. Except for your keys, you can also place the remote control or your reading glasses and declutter the coffee table in the process.

Different Forms for Different Folks

Depending on your personal taste, you can opt for either animal shaped decorative bowls, or ones that come in asymmetrical forms, from shells and fruit shaped ones to bowls made with wire.