Dental Health Reveals How The Body Feels

Dental Health

If you think that a pretty smile is only a pretty smile, you are very very wrong. Haven’t you noticed that people that have a beaming smile, a smile that reveals teeth as white and strong as pearls, usually glow with an overall freshness and healthy complexion too. If you think about it, this is a very true statement since the more we look into the facts, the more we see that dental health is much too closely linked to everything above and below.

One of the best revelations that the medicine relies on when solving certain problems, is the theory which states that “when the body heals, it heals as a whole” therefore, it suffers as a whole. Simply put, cavity can ruin more than just your teeth. Hence the importance of regular dental visits and periodical caries risk assessment, dental examinations and preventive dental health services. As of late, people working in prominent and reliable dental health services, apart from being able to address the obvious problem, will also offer you an opinion of the probable underlying cause that your cavity signals.

Undefined Oral Pain or Facial Pain

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms but no major issues can be detected in your mouth, you might be suffering from gum infection. This type of infection should be taken seriously and you should schedule for one or more deep cleaning dental health services as soon as possible. Sometimes you can feel facial pain and tightness in your jaw simply because of stress, but if the discomfort continues for more than one or two weeks, it requires professional attention. If not treated in time, gum infections can spread to the major organs and cause serious problems.

Heart to Mouth Connection

A mouth infection can very often signal heart disease and an already sick heart can trigger problems in the cavity. The most common bacterial inflammation that can impact both one’s mouth and heart, is named endocarditis; it can develop even if only the heart tissue is damaged.

Digestion Difficulties

If the chemical processes in the mouth are compromised, the whole digestion of the food will be problematic for the body. Irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal failure are the most common outcomes from this kind of dysfunction. Additional researches prove that as much as 90 percent of all systemic disorders and conditions exhibit oral manifestations, such as: dry mouth, mouth ulcers, swollen gums and others. Diseases that can be instantly linked to these manifestations are: oral cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, leukemia, pancreatic cancer and heart disease.

Bottom line, if you aim to keep your whole body in check, you should inspect your smile. The only thing that cannot be retrieved is the time you’ve lost not answering your body’s call for attention and care. Regular check-ups are your best bet as a preventive smile savior, but also as a guardian of the vital organs.