How Important Are Sandbags For Flood Protection

The simplest definition about the sandbags is that they are actually bags filled to the seems with sand. The sandbags have been used for many years and for different purposes, but most commonly as a weapon that provides stability and protection against floods and raging rivers. The sandbags come in different sizes and forms, and usually a sand bagging machine is used to fill the bags with sand. This sand bagging machine is capable to fill dozens of sandbags in short period of time. The following text will explain what the sandbags really are, from what they are made and why they are used?


For many years the Burlap was the material that was used for making sandbags. But today the sandbags are made from polypropylene plastic. This plastic is similar to the plastic that can be found in the fertilizer bags. The polypropylene plastic is ideal material for making sandbags because it is durable and it won’t decompose when it is exposed to water or other liquid materials. Although the sandbags can be filled by human hands, a sand bagging machine is the ideal machinery for filling multiple bags with sand. The sand bagging machine is most commonly used in situations when there is a huge demand for sandbags. There are many sand bagging machine models on the market, like gravity bagger, emergency sand bagger, bulk bag filling lines etc. Every sand bagging machine is used for a specific purpose. Usually the sandbags come with the following dimensions: 33cm wide and 66cm long. One optimally filled sandbag usually weigh around 18 kilograms.

With innovations and technological advancements in so many areas, the big question is why people still use sandbags and a sand bagging machine as a protection against floods and raging rivers? Here are two simple reasons:

First, the sandbags are easy to make and use. In order to prepare few sandbags you will need several volunteers with shovels, safety equipment and some knowledge how to fill the sandbags. When the danger of a raging river is huge, a sand bagging machine is needed for filling multiple sandbags in no time. There is no need for engineers or experts, because with a simple explanation everyone can learn how to fill a sandbag either by hand or by using a sand bagging machine.

Second, the sandbags are inexpensive solution against floods, hurricanes and raging rivers. Bags and sand are cheap to buy and everyone can work with them. These sandbags can be found in any major local store, and they come in big quantities. The sand bagging machine may come with a high price tag, but it is definitely a machine that can do a lot in the most demanding and critical situations. These and many other reasons show why the sandbags are and will continue to be the most effective method for protection against floods.