How Important Is Father’s Day Around The World

Due to cultural and social differences, countries around the world celebrate different holidays. However some holidays are present in every country and celebrated on the same or different date. For instance, holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, Easter and some other, are present almost everywhere, with slight differences in date when celebrated and traditions. In this article the spotlight is on Father’s Day and how this holiday is celebrated around the world. Official date Father’s Day is celebrated on is the third Sunday of June. There are many stories of Father’s Day origins. It is believed that this holiday was first celebrated 4000 years ago in Babylon. Yet, another story states that this holiday originated from pagan sun worship. Nevertheless, like most holidays, Father’s Day has a tradition of buying and sharing a father’s day gift. But what do people from different countries buy and how exactly do they celebrate this holiday?

German Fathers Day

germany-Fathers Day Gift Idea

In Germany Father’s Day or Mannertag (in German) is more a celebration of all men rather than showing appreciation to fathers only. They organize traditional male hikes where wagons carry traditional food and beverages (mostly beer) in the streets of German cities. It is more about men celebrating this day with their buddies. Having said this, traditional German fathers celebrate this holiday by going to restaurants and pubs to drink beer and eat all day. It is usually celebrated 40 days after Easter and because of this urban approach of celebration, most children don’t bother with searching for a perfect fathers day gift idea.

Thailand Father’s Day Celebration (’s_Day#Thailand )

On December 5th, all Thais celebrate birthday of the King Bhumibol Adulyade and Father’s Day at the same time. Though the relation between these two holidays is not known, most people have same rituals when it comes to celebrating. One of these rituals is wearing the official color of Monday – yellow as a way of showing respect. Unlike Germans, Thais practice the ritual of sharing gifts on this day and the Canna flower is known as the most traditional fathers day gift.

Australian Fathers Day

aussiedadUnlike Germany and Thailand, Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. It is among more popular holidays among children and everyone is busy trying to find a perfect fathers day gift idea. Among many different ideas the most common gifts children buy to show respect for their fathers are neckties, chocolates, rare wines etc. Although most households celebrate this holiday in an intimate and private ambient, some clubs and organizations organize town parades or similar local events.