How Important is the Proper Work of Car’s Suspension System


Infrastructure is an important part of every city or country. However, no matter how developed one country may be, there will always be some particular area with bad and bumpy roads. This is something that car designers have identified and taken into consideration while constructing a car’s suspension system. Most people are not aware that without a suspension system driving experience will be far from enjoyment. If roads were evenly paved and without any holes and bumps, we would probably have no need for suspension systems and parts like shock absorbers and coil springs would be excluded from car’s design scheme. But because most roads have bumps and holes, experts are constantly looking to improve functionality of suspension systems in cars.

Shock absorberThere are different types of suspension systems depending on machine or vehicle model. Its main purpose is to reduce the effect of bumps and provide a better driving experience. For instance, go karts use only their wheel as a suspension gear because they are so close to the ground. However for cars and other similar vehicles, this system must be more complex and reliable as these are positioned higher from the ground.

But how exactly does the suspension work? When a car hits a bump the suspension gear compresses that hit in a smaller jump. What happens is that energy from the bump goes through the wheel and wants to flow back, but shock absorbers in the suspension system prevent this from happening. Thus, a car doesn’t go up and down after a bump, but you only feel one small jump.

The suspension system along with its parts is probably most prone to damages compared to any other part in a car. Its main role is to absorb any force and then focus on a car and carry the weight of a car at the same time. That is why changing suspension parts like coil and leaf springs costs a lot for any car brand. Consequently, that is why you should take your car for regular checks more often to make sure your suspension gear has not suffered any damage.


One way to discover if something is wrong with your car’s suspension is to determine the camber angle. The camber refers to how your wheels are aligned to the ground. Tilting of wheels into bumps and sidewalks can cause the wheels to bend and cause a positive or negative camber (bend to the outside or inside of the car). None of this is acceptable and can cause only further damage. The only desired positioning of wheels is zero degrees aligned to the road (or parallel to the road).

No matter how much it costs, it is always better to check and maintain suspension problems in time, instead of having a major breakdown on a long trip.