The Importance of Leading an Active Lifestyle: Scooters as an Ally

We all understand the importance of having an active lifestyle, and how good that is for our brains, bodies and more. But everyday obligations cram us into metal boxes and keep us indoors for more than we’d like to admit. These are the main reasons why we fall victims to the “Miracle Diet” click baits, and why we spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships.

But improving health doesn’t really requires much. It may be as simple as swapping a car for a bike or a scooter. In fact it’s the scooters Australia health experts suggest can make a big difference in improving physical health.


Scooting to and from work can really help strengthen your cardiovascular system. When you engage in a physical activity like scooting, the pumping muscles within your heart, your blood vessels, red blood cells and muscles of your skeletal structure all grow in size. It’s a steady process in which your body begins to transport more oxygen, blood and nutrients while also speeding up the waste-removal process from it. Scooting for even as little as half an hour keeps your cardiovascular system healthy which will assist in preventing serious health conditions such as heart strokes and attacks.

Plus scooting is fun. And you could burn up to 80 calories for every 10 minutes of scooting. So for an hour of scooting you could burn over 300 calories. Compare that to 140-200 calories you’d burn if walking at moderate pace. Amasing, isn’t it? No wonder it’s the scooters Australia commuters have resorted to.

And because it’s low-impact and not as tiring as cycling, even people who have ligament injuries can do it without risking their health. Moreover, scooting offers an ideal recovery cross training sessions (thanks to its low-impact nature), and it doesn’t add stress to tired muscles after a leg workout. It promotes nutrient delivery and blood flow, and helps with removal of by-products of exercise, helping you recover.

Also, a scooter (unlike a bicycle) allows you to roam at lunchtime for healthier meal options while at work. And scooting back to work after lunch helps you make the best out of the nutrients you digest. Low-density 30 minute sessions allows your body to burn stored fat for fuel rather than carbs. A win-win situation.

But there’s more to scooters than improving your health. You’ll save on gas (hence help the environment), and commute faster on short and mid range distances. Plus, they are affordable, including all the accessories and replacement parts (wheels, handles, etc.) And because most models are built from durable materials, they can take a serious beating. So why not give scooting a chance? Who knows, it may be the just-right kick starter for an active lifestyle.