The Importance of Amino Acids in Bodybuilding

There are some things in life that when you discover them, you want to hit yourself in the head that you were unaware they existed for so long. If you’re into bodybuilding and haven’t discovered the magnificent power of amino acids yet, you really should be scolding yourself.

Amino acids fulfill the basic foundations of well-being like minerals and vitamins while also providing fuel for growth. They optimise micronutrients, health, genetic transcription and good functioning of the body. When digesting protein, it’s broken down into amino acids, which are selectively put together for various uses. These new proteins are what creates the most solid matters in the body: eyes, heart, intestines, bones, skin and muscle.There are bunch of amino acid supplements that you will find on any nutrition selling store and in any gym, here are a few of them.amino acid supplements


Branched chain amino acid supplements are highly regarded in the bodybuilding circle. They are the most important amino acids in the maintenance, repairing and production of muscle tissues. BCAAs contain valine, leucine and isoleucine, which when consumed in the right dose, deliver amazing results. Besides for bodybuilding and fitness purposes, BCAAs are also used to treat dizziness, fatigue, headaches, irritability and depression as a result of protein deficiency.


Glutamine is an amino acid present in the body in large amounts. Sometimes it forms up to 60% of your amino acid pool. It aids concentration and memory recall, and is simply needed for mental activities and synthesis of muscle tissues. Nitrogen is much needed, but too much of it in the body can cause ammonia in the brain, which glutamine helps get rid of by attaching itself to it and removing it from the body. It also decreases cravings for sweets which is something that can be of great use when dieting. Also, a metabolite of glutamine (a salt) is often times used as a flavour enhancement.


Arginine is one of the hottest amino acid topics at the moment. It’s added to many supplements for its outstanding nitrogen retention abilities. Some plants can absorb nitrogen, but us mammals have to deal with it ourselves. It stimulates the activity and size of the thymus gland, and enhances the immune system. It’s ideal for people recovering from an injury and people who have health problems. It’s also tightly linked to sexual stimulus and it’s said to improve and lengthen orgasms, as well as enhance male sexual health and help cure sterility.