Importance of a Beach Mat: The Sand’s Both Your Friend & Foe

During all other three seasons, when all of us sun worshipers long for the summer, we often mention sandy beaches, a never-ending sea, colourful cocktails and breeze-kissed skin that bares the smell of sunscreen. However, we might not be aware of it during winter’s frosty bite, but once we’re lying there on the lovely beach, the sand doesn’t really make much of a friend. It simply likes to tag along with the sunscreen onto our skin, into our food and drinks, all over our hair from roots to ends, and under the bathing suit as well. Although it’s not such a big deal, at least not that big as to make one rethink going on a vacation that includes a big blue portion of water, it really is both time-consuming and nerve -wrecking having to constantly clean and shake your beach towel or mat.


Last summer, just when I though I might give rocky beaches a chance, I came across a beach mat sandless type and since then, I can reunite with the sand whenever I want, but never have to put up with it on my mat. These mats have tiny holes that help you get rid of the sand – it simply slips away through them and stays trapped underneath. In some cases, I do have to go over my mat with my hand as to ensure the coast is completely clear, but after that I am free to disappear deep within the pages of an intriguing book, without feeling itchy. What’s more, the elimination of sand on your skin while sunbathing can surely amount to more even tanning and smoother skin.

Salty sea sand can irritate the skin, especially once you’re dry and moving around on your mat – it feels like scratching, doesn’t it? Well, these beach mat sandless type come with a small price to pay for the comfort of sunbathing sandless all day. As for us women, especially on those days when we present to the sun our freshly shaved/waxed legs, the sand can be much more of a foe and much less of a friend. Peeling is the last thing I want after waxing, so no thanks. And since salty sand is no substitution for real spices, you’ll be glad to have none of it on your food.

Finally, if you’re anything like me, you’ll also love the fact that the breath-ability of these mats also renders them eco friendly since they allow for any vegetation beneath them to continue to breath and thrive.