Importance of Having a Fly Screen Door for Homes

With the coming of summer, there also comes an influx of insects. To keep your home cooler and more comfortable, you will probably want to open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in. Unfortunately, this also encourages the insects to invade the privacy of your home. So, if you want fresh air and natural light but still block out all types of pests, you’ll need a fly screen door. Aside from the ability of this door to block out insect, there are various other benefits that it can. Let’s check them out in more details.

Keeps Insects Out

During hot summer days, pests can be a real nightmare. You probably want fresh air to enter the home, but you don’t want mosquitos, flies, and other bugs that come with it. The buzz of flies inside is a summer annoyance, and once they’re inside they can be difficult to get rid of. They will actively seek out any food source which they may potentially contaminate. That’s why every home needs a durable and practical fly screen door.

Fly screen doors usually have a fly screen that slides with the door, and it will keep insects out but still allow the air to flow freely. These doors are usually made of either wood (engineered paulownia, for instance, is a quality wood for making doors) or aluminium, and mesh.

Keeps Kids Safe

Fly screen doors play an important role in preventing kids from slipping outside into the garden or on the road without supervision. A much better option than having to close all the doors and create somewhat of a fortress is using a screen. Screens are a great solution for managing access and keeping the kids safe and within sight inside the home.

Improves Ventilation


An insect screen door is ideal if you want to have plenty of fresh air enter the room. These doors can be opened wide and can cover more area, and by this, you will gain more fresh air than a standard sized door that is left open. This way, you will also prevent the inside of your home from becoming a warm and humid environment.

Having an overly humid or moist home may lead to the growth of mould spores, which can also cause allergies, respiratory infections and asthma. Of course, air conditioning can also help keep your home cool, but after a while, you will have a stale or stagnant air, which can allow for the breeding of bacteria.

Adds Security


These doors can increase the safety of your home and since they come in many sizes and can often be customised, you can install extra locks and fittings to suit your needs. There are different security-focused basic fly screens that are constructed from strong materials designed to stop unwanted access and entry to your home. The strong frames and net structure may provide protection from home invasion, as these doors are quite difficult to tamper with. This is especially useful for hot nights when you want some fresh air to enter the home, but without worrying about any breaking and entering.

Plenty of Light


Insects are blocked from entering, but the screen doesn’t in any way block the entry of the sunlight and getting Vitamin D from it. These doors allow you to open up your home and let natural light stream in, thus creating a more bright and spacious feel. This also has additional energy-saving benefits as the overall use of lights and heating may be reduced as a result.

Maintains the View


A solid door blocks the chance of enjoying the wonderful view outside. But even if you don’t have a scenic view, the solid door creates an enclosed feeling in any home. On the other hand, with the use of mesh screen doors, most of the traditional advantages of a solid door are maintained, with the additional benefits of an element of transparency. This gives you visibility and allows you to enjoy your view.

Plethora of Choices


A screen door can usually be installed to fit numerous door sizes and styles. They can be added after installing your standard doors, so it’s never too late to get such a screen door installed. Whether you want it for your front door or you want a sliding back door, a fly screen door will help to secure your home and keep insects out when you want to keep the doors open.

There are decorative fly screens that provide an impactful addition to your home’s entrance while hiding a fully functioning fly screen. For instance, wood designs will perfectly fit in a period style home. Aluminium designs will match the modern decor and design in your home, while the wrought iron decorative screen will add additional curbside appeal and value for vintage or industrial-styled homes. No matter how you have your home styled, you will surely find a screen door that will fit your needs.