Importance Of Regular Dentist Visits For Your Dental Care

Regular dental visits can do more than just keep your smile bright and sparkling. They can tell a lot about your overall health, like whether you are developing a disease or not.

Dental clinic

New studies have shown that your mouth is the mirror of your overall health. This means that if your mouth is healthy, your overall health is good too. On the other hand, poor oral health, may lead to certain health problems. Simply put, good oral health is your gateway to a better weelbeing. Therefore it is essential to visit your dentist regularly for routine chekups, and not only in the case of an emergency.

What’s Going On During Regular Dentist Visit?

Part of a thorough dental examination is checking your teeth for tooth decay. During this checkup, your dentist will evaluate your gums, examine your neck and head and your mouth for any disease indications, such as diabetes, oral cancer or vitamin deficiency. Your dentist may also examine your face, saliva, bite and lower jaws. After this routine examination, your dentist will clean your mouth and teeth and give you advise and tips on how to maintain good oral hygiene at home between your regular checkups.

A good dentist should also check for tartar and plaque because these can build up in a short time. Furthermore, beverages, food and tobacco can also stain teeth and if these stains are not cleaned on time, they can harden on teeth and irritate gums, and lead to various oral-related diseases.

Dental Examination

Thorough dental examination means:

  • Inspection of gums for signs of any disease;
  • Examination for loose teeth;
  • Tongue and bite examination;
  • Checking for tooth decay, broken teeth or damaged fillings;
  • Evaluation of dental appliance.

Dental Cleaning

After the dental examination, your dentist will clean your mouth using these methods:

  • Examining the cleanliness of your gums and teeth;
  • Getting rid of tartar and plaque;
  • Teeth polishing.

From the above, we can conclude that visiting a dentist regularly will help you keep your mouth in good condition and prevent certain diseases which can lead to more serious health problems. The dental exam performed by your dentist can also show poor hygiene and nutrition, improper jaw alignment. That is why you need to provide him/her with your medical history.

Although regular dental visits are important, do not rely on your dentist solely. You must practice good oral hygiene at home. Brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes at least twice a day, floss daily to remove plaque and eat healthy food to prevent gum disease.