The Importance of Owning Survival Knives

In instances when time is of the essence, we all need to be able to think and act quickly. If any kind of emergency happens, a well prepared and carefully picked survival kit is a smart thing to have on-hand. Personal preparedness is very important and it should not be taken lightly. If you find yourself in an extreme or to some degree dangerous situation you should have a survival kit close by. Remember to keep it stacked with at least the basics, like water, food, flashlight, extra cash, knife, and some personal hygiene items. Besides that, the survival kit needs to be well organised so that the items inside can be easily reached.

One survival tool without which no survival kit can be complete is the survival knife. It can be very useful for many different situations, adaptable for any indoor or outdoor activities and it is quite easy to carry around. Its importance is immense and its benefits are plenty. Let’s go through some of them.

1) Protection

The survival knife is definitely one of the most useful and easy to operate self-defence weapons. It can surely be helpful when it comes to being attacked by an offender. In these cases, you can use the knife to fend off the aggressor and defend yourself. Moreover, this small tool is even useful in circumstances when you are stuck in a car after a car accident. Simply, use the knife to break free and unbolt any stuck doors or windows.

2) First Aid

While enjoying any outdoor activity, you can sometimes easily put yourself in danger and be in need of help. In case you need to remove a thorn, cut bandages or even conduct a minor operation, you will surely need a survival tool which can come in handy in every instance.

3) Fishing and Camping

Of all the outdoor activities, fishing and camping are the ones which probably invite the need for a survival tool the most. Carrying a knife while camping can be useful for many things like opening food cans, digging holes for fire and even for food preparation. When it comes to fishing, you can use this tool for removing hooks or cutting line. A fisherman’s bag is never complete without a knife.

Finally, when you are out there searching for the perfect survival knife for you, have in mind that it should have some of the following essential features: it doesn’t need to be too big, it is more durable and harder to break if it is full tang, it should have a sharp-pointed tip and it should also have a solid pommel for light pounding and hammering.