The Importance of Proper Home Stair Illumination


When we think of our homes, we think of them as our sanctuaries, the places where we feel safe from the world outside. But what happens when risks can come from your very own home too? You may have the feeling you’ve got it all covered when installing burglar, smoke, and fire alarms, but unless you’ve taken care of the staircase areas, in terms of illumination, you can’t consider your home completely risk-free.

Depending on the stairs, no matter whether outside or inside, using them to ascend or descend can be an issue sometimes, more so for the elderly, and particularly at night. This is where Led step lighting steps in, coming to your rescue to ensure you don’t lose your footing, and experience tripping and falling accidents.

Unlike the usual installation of overhead lighting fixtures preferred years before, nowadays the variety of LED step lights is vast, you have plenty of choices in terms of style and where you want to install them with the staircase, not having to worry they’d actually cause glare, block your much-needed light and cast dark spots, and shadows over the stairs.

The versatility of Led step lighting, what with materials, also with designs such as recessed, surface mounted, and wall mounted, gives you the opportunity to choose between the versatility of styles too, either opting for the step lighting, or direct stair lighting, or if you prefer, a combination of both.

This goes to show proper stair illumination isn’t only helpful with eliminating falling accidents, and increasing the safety of your home, but it can also serve to increase the value of your home altogether, influencing the ambiance, and style.

While with the direct stair lighting you have possibility to get the illumination with wall mounted LEDs, or have them installed in the handrails, with the step lighting you have more variety in where you choose to install the lights (e.g. in the riser of the steps) for a fun, and distinct look that would help you easily make a statement. Lighting can always add a sense of drama!

It’s important to note, when you decide to have this lighting added to your home, you have to plan it out to detail so you can get a more efficient light coverage. This would save you money in the long run, as it can be done with fewer lights too so it wouldn’t be that much of an initial investment.