Important Details on Hand Drying Methods: Paper Towels & Electric Hand Dryers


No matter the type and size of a business, having a clean bathroom should be one of the main priorities for any commercial building. Except for being appealing, a clean bathroom is a sign of a place that promotes a healthier workplace for everyone which is why its cleanliness and hygiene need to be kept at the highest level. Except for using quality and adequate cleaning products, the way people dry their hands in restrooms plays a major role in preventing the spreading of bacteria.

According to experts, wet hands can transfer way more pathogens to other surfaces than dry hands, so keeping them clean and dry is crucial. When it comes to hand-drying, the two most common ways to do this in restrooms and public bathrooms are disposable paper towels and electric hand dryers. That being said, let’s see which method is more efficient.


Hand-drying with Paper Towels

This is the fastest and most efficient way of drying one’s hands. According to studies, not only do paper towels dry hands the fastest but they also reduce the spread of pathogens to other restroom surfaces. This is because they can completely dry one’s hands in a very short period (second are in question here). In addition, these hand towels are usually made from the cellulose found in trees and since they are a renewable natural source, that renders this method better for those who care for the environment.

However, an important thing to have in mind is that these hand towels can also come in different quality, so aiming for the highest quality on the market is fundamental. The reason for this is simple, the higher the quality, the less the bacteria. When it comes to choosing the best version of them, quality and pricier paper towels are usually way thicker than the cheaper ones which means they have greater absorbing powers. Now, when it comes to the cost, studies have shown that investing in pricier but thicker and more quality cleaning towels can be more affordable. How come?! Well, research shows that even if a company spends less on towels, its staff and cleaning team will likely end up using more towels to clean a particular surface. This means that the towels will run faster, which can lead to spending more money.


Hand-drying with Electric Dryers

Although the newest models of electric hand dryers are extremely fast, especially the ones known as ‘jet’ dryers, the truth is that they can’t dry the hands in the same amount of time as towels from paper. So, although it looks like the more efficient method at a first glance, a person will need more time to dry his hands with an electric hand dryer than with a paper towel. Additionally, when drying hands that haven’t been properly washed with an electric dryer, bacteria of all kinds can be easily spread to all surrounding surfaces. Not only do they spread bacteria more easily but also faster thanks to the air which comes from the dryer.

Just like there are many types paper towels online and offline stores offer, there are also different types of electric hand dryers. Usually, they can range depending on their speed capacity and power but also the type of air. Some of them produce warm, while others produce cold air. Knowing the differences is a must for those who plan on installing an electric hand-dryer in restrooms.


All in all, when it comes to choosing between these two methods of hand drying, the first one is the more efficient yet more affordable option. Except for using them in restrooms, these towels can be used in kitchens and offices as well. If quality and thick, such towels will have the power to absorb and clean any kind of spills and messes. When investing in cheaper (read thinner) towels of paper, people will waste a great amount of their time cleaning up messes which can lead to reduced efficiency and productivity.