Important Features to Consider When Choosing Photo Frames Styles

Decorating your living space with photo frames is the best way to create a stylish, yet homey atmosphere. There is nothing more fun than framing some of your favourite photos of your family or friends and displaying them in your home. Besides, photos have the power to bring back precious memories making you feel as if they happened just yesterday.

photo frame styles

You can really get creative when framing your photos since when it comes to different photo frames styles, the shopping options are endless. The wide range of different sizes, colours, materials and shapes makes it quite interesting to dive into the magic world of frames and choose your favourite pieces that will fit best in the style of your interior design. But beware, from finding the right design to choosing the perfect colour, there are a few things to consider when choosing between various photo frames styles.

The material is essential
What determines the style of the frame is certainly the material. You can pick between wooden, metal or plastic models or you can go for a combination of different materials. Wooden photo frames styles are very practical and go well with any kind of interior design. Wood finishes give a space a traditional, yet sophisticated touch. Metal frames on the other hand fit in best in more contemporary designs. They contribute to a more classy and modern feel to your home. Plastic frames are a great budget-friendly option and these come in many different shapes and colours.

Size matters
Before choosing the model of frame, consider the size of the photos you plan on framing. Besides this, the thickness of the frame is also an important factor to consider; wide frames are perfect for large photos as they cover plain walls and give a decorative touch to the space. Thin frames on the other hand, have a minimalistic design that is most suitable for smaller photos and these are great for forming a wall photo collage.

Match the colours
Different photo frames styles come in different colours and of course add a different tone to the space. White and neutral shades go well with any style of furniture and incorporate a simple and casual design. For a more formal and elegant look go for darker shades that will give a more chic touch to your walls and shelves. Vibrant colours like pink, blue or yellow are also a great option especially for kids’ rooms or nurseries.