How Important Is A High Reach Forklift

A high reach forklift is ideal machine for every warehouse. This machine is a must-have if your warehouse is limited with space. When compared with a standard forklift, the high reach forklift is capable to lift bulk loads and to navigate more easily outdoor on various terrains (thanks to its pneumatic tires). As a result, this forklift is ideal for outdoor operations such agricultural settings, road construction, etc. So how can you benefit from owning this versatile piece of equipment. For the purpose of this text and to better portray all the features, let’s take Crown high reach forklift as an example.


Crown Equipment Corporation is a popular US manufacturer of all forklift truck types. At the moment, it is a 5th manufacturer in the world and is known for precision, versatility, superior durability and high quality equipment. First forklift truck was manufactured in 1956, however, the brand is mostly known for their high reach forklifts.

The Crown high reach forklift is a versatile and flexible piece of equipment that can deliver superior performance. It can be found in various sizes and with different loading capacities. Some models have been designed to deliver loading capacity ranging from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes, and other models can offer greater lifting capacity. Most high reach forklifts are powered with AC motors. These motors ensure increased performance and lower maintenance costs. For increased stability, some models have a sensor feature, which automatically turns off the engine when a critical height is reached.

Furthermore, a standard Crown high reach forklift comes with three maneuverability settings: soft, hard, and a creep speed. These settings enable the operators to preset the performance according to the task requirements. The hard setting allows fast speeding (ideal for long runs), while the soft setting limits the speed and prolongs the battery life. For superior performance, the creep speed is recommended.

Beside the main advantage-greater reach capacity, having a Crown high reach forklift in your warehouse can also increase your business work efficiency and your overall warehouse performance.

When looking to buy a Crown high reach forklift, you can choose between new or used equipment. Look for reliable dealers that can offer a range of forklifts. A reliable dealer will evaluate your material handling operational requirements, your budget and load characteristics in order to help you choose the best Crown high reach forklift for your business.