How Important Are Network Cable Tools


Have you ever wondered how computers and networks are connected to each other, and what contributes towards their proper working operation? The answer: data cabling tools. Network cable tools enable connections and transfer of the data across the internal networks and on the internet. They help a lot in the network installation process. In fact, it is very important to test the network installation with proper network cable tools, to ensure there are no cable damages and to prevent insulation breakage once the connection is completed.

With the help of the data cabling tools, you can be sure that all cables are properly connected and that the installation will provide the data speed and quality level required. Data cabling tools allow you to have a trouble-free connection in the long run. Here are few facts about how important network cable tools are.

  • Punchdowntools are very useful network cable tools because they increase the accuracy and the reliability of the network connection, resulting in less repairs or rework once the devices have been connected.
  • Out of all network cable tools, punchdown tool is the one that can increase the speed of the data. The tool pushes each wire down in the correct slot, secures the wires and makes permanent connection so you don’t experience any problems later on.
  • The punchdown tool makes the installation job easier, since it has a built-in blade that cuts off the excess wire once the wire is at the right slot.
  • One of the key reasons why data cabling tools are so important is the fact that they can search for any open pairs that are not joined at the end. To check whether the cable is patched into the switch port or not, you can use small testers which will show signs of continuity.
  • Sometimes a degradation of signals occurs during the installation of the network cables. This is known as attenuation. It is not harmful, but if the degradation increases, signals can be lost. This usually happens with fast networks, therefore appropriate network cable tools should be used such as a cable tester designed to detect any signs of degradation.
  • Data cabling tools can be used for different tasks, vary in their performance, but are all perfect for professional cabling, installing, troubleshooting and testing the connection of the cables.
  • The network cable tools allow continuous flow of information and enable sharing of resources. If the connection is set up correctly, the cabling system will serve you for years. If not, you might end up spending a lot of money on costly repairs.
  • Sometimes, the cables can be damaged during the installation process and some electrical interference and other environmental factors can influence the overall network performance. This is why it is recommended to use network cable tools for detecting faults like miswire, opens, split pairs etc. once the cable installation is completed.