How Important Is Regular Brake Servicing


Aside from the seat belts, airbags and other safety vehicle components, brake pads are the most important part of any vehicle. When regularly and properly maintained, vehicle braking system will function smoothly without any problems, ensuring your car is road safe even on long-distance trips. Improper brake servicing and maintenance on the other hand, could be the main reason for serious accidents what can cause severe injuries and even death.

Brake system is a complex part, which is why it requires proper regular maintenance. Periodical professional brake inspection is a must. It should be done by a professional brake servicing Melbourne technician. Proper and regular brake servicing means better vehicle performance and longer lifespan. The price of a brake servicing Melbourne depends on the brake system, its complexity and condition.

Brake Servicing

Brakes use friction to stop the wheels and have disc brakes and pads that are attached to a drum/disc. After a while, brake pads wear out, and need to be replaced or repaired because worn pads can lead to serious vehicle problems. Additionally, worn brake pads can damage the brake discs and drums, so a regular vehicle inspection at a brake servicing Melbourne workshop is required.

When To Service Your Brake System

Brakes need to be in tip-top condition if you want to be road safe. Therefore, regular and proper vehicle inspection is crucial. And so is regular brake servicing. If you notice some of the following things, immediately visit a professional brake servicing Melbourne mechanic:

  • The engine losses power and the wheels heat up;
  • You have to press hard on the brake pedals in order to bring a car to a full stop;
  • When you press on the brakes, the car pulls to one side;
  • Unusual noises like, grinding, rattling, banging, etc. when pressing on the brake pedals;
  • Warning light turns on;
  • The steering wheel or the whole vehicle vibrates when you press the pedals.

These are just some of the most common signs which indicate your vehicle needs immediate servicing by a reliable brake servicing Melbourne workshop. If you do not already entrust your vehicle to a reliable brake servicing Melbourne shop, ask around or browse on the Internet for trustworthy vehicle and brake servicing Melbourne shop.