Important Things To Remember If You Want To Find Bargain Antiques

In the world of wealth management, rule number one is to look for things, treasures, stock and other investments that are undervalued; or if you want it simplified: nothing is more valuable than an undervalued item at the moment. So, is that small antique shop at the corner of your street keeping hidden treasures which you can buy and eventually maybe get really, really rich? Very probable. The thing with antiques is that their value increases with time, which is why the older, the more expensive they are.

Pictures, furniture, decorating elements and other stuff from the past, with some story attached to them can be worth a lot today. And not just a possible source of income, but antiques are an interior style of their own; having a house decorated with vintage furniture would be a dream come true to hipsters and other antique lovers. Eager to go on a shopping spree and see what antique shops in Melbourne have to offer? Unless you have a pocket full of money, read these few important things on how to bargain for the antiques you want.


1. Persistent hunters get the treasure

Anything worth having does not come easy, and this could not be more true in the case of antique bargains. You need to be persistent in order to find them. This means hunting for garage sales on Friday and Saturday mornings, following online auctions regularly, and visiting malls and antique shops Melbourne often. Pretty much like fishing – the more often you cast the reel, the bigger the chances for catching something on the bait.

2. It’s a bargain, do not settle easily!

Just because it’s a bargain, it does not mean you should settle for something that is not really in a very good condition. You are buying antiques, not second-hand clothes. Simply walk away from anything that has visible damages that may affect the value of the piece in case you wan to sell it in the future because honestly, it is not a bargain, it is stealing.

3. Reproductions can look as good as originals

Be very aware of good reproductions; these will normally be the ‘too good to be true’ items. The seller will try to convince you that the frame belonged to his/hers grandmother, but whether grandma bought it in a gift shop or not, has one big question mark at the end. You should be prepared to distinguish the good stuff from the rubbish before you go on the hunt through antique shops Melbourne.

4. Hold on to your prey

Once you pick it up, hold it tightly. There are always other buyers that watch you closely whether you are going to pick something and change your mind shortly. What you do not know, someone else might. Follow your intuition backed up by knowledge and you will not go wrong, trust me.