Lady’s Corner: Importance of Wearing Comfortable Sneakers

Wearing comfortable sneakers make pursuing a healthy lifestyle easier. Sneakers are like tools. If you don’t have the right tool, it is likely that you are going to hurt yourself. Many people deal with aching soles, toe cramps or pain in their heel due to wearing inadequate sneakers. That is why it is very important to choose a good pair that will help you maintain the correct walking technique, as well as prevent injury.

Women’s Sneakers for a Variety of Activities

Lady sneakers are not only comfortable, but they come in so many styles which makes them perfect for many different activities. Today, comfort is more important than standing tall. According to some research, the sale of sneakers for women has grown over 35% in the past few years, while the sale of high heels has drastically decreased. Women wear sneakers during their casual walk in the park, while working out at the gym, while jogging or even at work.

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There are also sneakers that can be worn at the office, like for instance leather sneakers. They can be matched perfectly with a simple feminine dress, a form-fitting or A-line skirt or dark jeans combined with a classic jacket that will give you a classic, yet casual look.

However, if you often work out during the week, you should consider purchasing women’s sneakers that have some specific features that provide maximum comfort and protection which will allow you performing your exercises better and safer.

Anyway, there is a wide range of lady sneakers that you can choose from and combine with different outfits and in different occasions. You just need to decide which ones you like best. And don’t think that you only need to settle for one model. Having more than two pairs of sneakers is always welcomed, so that way not will they last longer, but you will also always have something to combine with different outfits.

Making the Right Selection

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It’s important to understand the unique needs of your feet and make the selection accordingly. There are women that have feet that require more support, but there are others that require less. Or some women have low arched feet, while others have high arched ones. If you have trouble picking the right women sneakers for you, you can always consult a shoe expert, podiatrist or a sport medicine expert that can evaluate your foot type and its specific needs and can help you choosing sneakers more easily. When you need to choose a new pair of sneakers make sure that they have the following qualities:

Lightweight and Flexible

When you take a new pair of women sneakers in your hands, they shouldn’t be too heavy and stiff. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move around easily, without hurting your feet. What’s more, if you’re buying sneakers for running, a heavier model will definitely slow you down. So check if the shoes are lightweight and flexible.


After a couple of hours wearing the sneakers, you don’t want any sweat to get trapped inside. If your feet are soaked from sweat, they can develop an infection caused by bacteria or fungi and a bad smell. So, it is advisable that sneakers are breathable, meaning the air is able to pass through the shoe, to avoid sweating of feet and keep them fresh for longer. When you are purchasing sneakers for women, make sure that they are made of breathable materials such as mesh or leather or other materials that will give you great value for money which means you won’t have to buy new sneakers frequently.

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Depending on the arches of your feet, you can choose between shoes with lower or higher padding. So, if you have low arched feet, it is best if you choose sneakers with lower padding, but if you have high arched feet, you should choose higher padding. This way, your feet will get proper support, reducing the risk of fatigue and injury.


The amount of cushioning will depend on the distances you’re going to walk in your sneakers. If you keep your walks at 5km you will need less cushioning, but if you are walking 10km or more, you will need sneakers with more cushioning and it is advisable to avoid flat shoes, so your feet will not suffer from the impact.

A Proper Fit

You have picked properly fitting sneakers if there’s room at the toe for your foot to expand as you walk. In other words, the sneaker shouldn’t feel too tight at any point of your foot, nor should it have a sloppy fit. Anyway, if the sneakers are too big and your feet have much room to move around, you could end up with blisters or you can easily twist your ankle.

Always Put Comfort First

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As we said earlier, when you search for casual footwear, whether it is sneakers or sandals for summertime, you should always pick comfort over looks. Even if they’re the most stylish looking shoes in the world, if they hurt your feet after wearing them for a while, they’re practically useless. Since we buy sneakers for occasions where we plan to move a lot, it’s best to go for comfort designs.

But don’t get fooled, today’s comfort shoe designs are a lot more attractive than they were in the past. So, you might just be able to find something that will look good and be comfortable to wear at the same time.

Replacing Your Sneakers

Replacing your shoes on a regular basis is very important. That way, you will stay free of injury and pain. According to some podiatrists, you should replace your shoes every 500 to 600 kilometers, or about every six months. Regular use of shoes for longer period of time can affect the utility of its mid-sole area, which is the part of the shoe between its bottom and its upper part and can be damaged due to excessive weight, cold and wet weather and terrain.

That is why is very important to have more than one pair of sneakers or any other shoes in your closet so you can wear them a longer period of time. If you only can afford to have one pair of sneakers, try to replace them on a timely basis to get the maximum functionality out of them.