Let’s Cover the Importance of Wedding Chair Covers

It goes without saying that the wedding day for most women is one of the most important day in their lives which means that making it a one-of-a-kind experience is a must. Out of all things that can make the wedding dreamy and elegant, chair covers are of vital importance. They are considered as a simple, effective and affordable way to transform your wedding reception into the most glorious one, so it’s logical that you ought to choose them wisely.

There are lots of models, types, shapes and materials to choose from which means that selecting the right ones can be quite of a challenge. When discussing the variations of chair cover wedding planners say that there are generally two types of them available on the market, elastane like Lycra, spandex and loose drop covers like satin, out of which the former ones are the most sought-after option and the reason is pretty simple. The elastane ones can give the chairs a more sleek and flawless finish and are not slippery at all (in comparison to the loose ones) meaning they can fit perfectly onto any type of chair without moving a bit.

Chair Covers

Wedding Chairs Covers with Fresh Roses in a Wedding Day

Choosing the right colour of chair covers should be done in accordance to the one of your overall wedding theme, however, the ivory chair cover wedding option is the one most brides favour as it is neutral, sophisticated, elegant, stylish and can perfectly match any type of wedding reception style and colour theme. However, you can also choose from a plethora of different other colours like gold, navy, pink, purple, green, brown, etc.

Luckily these days shopping for high-quality and luxurious wedding chair covers has never been easier as now you can shop directly from a wholesale supplier. This can significantly reduce your costs as it pays off more to buy in bulk than buying from some specialized wedding store. Additionally, you can also invest in sashes which you can attach on the backrest of the chair and over the cover in order to give them a more personal touch and to make the wedding reception perfect and complete.

Sashes also come in a range of different materials out of which pressed satin, taffeta and organza can give the chair more definition and make it look dazzling. A rule to remember is that the colour of the chair covers should contrast the one of the sashes .