Safety First: Importance of Kids Skateboard Helmets

As parents, we love to see our children playing outside. Whether it is riding a bike, a scooter , a skateboard or roller skates, the fact that your children are spending their free time outdoors, and not one the phone, is simply marvelous.

It has been estimated that over 70% of children between 5 and 14 years of age ride bicycles, scooters and skateboards. No matter how great that fact is, there’s also the need to address kids’ safety when riding these sports equipment. The falls and collisions with cars and pedestrians are quite common, which is why it is important for all parents to understand the dangers associated with the use of skateboards or any other riding equipment.

Do you Need a Helmet for Scooters?

picture of two kids riding with helmets in park


Although the law in each state is different, most parents all around the world are aware of the importance of their children being protected with the right equipment, out of which the helmet is the crucial one. For instance, in Victoria age scooter riders are required by law to wear an approved bicycle helmet that can meet the Australian standards.

The Many Reasons Why Your Child Should Wear A Helmet

picture of a kid riding a bike on the sideroad with helmet


According to Safe Kids Worldwide around 50 children visit emergencies every hour due to skateboards, bikes, skates and scooters injuries. And the most serious risk of them all can be brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are quite common for kids who ride this equipment unprotected. But fortunately, bike helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by more than 50%, facial injury by 25%, brain injury by 33% and the fatal injuries by 29%. So, yes, wearing a helmet can certainly do more good than harm.

How to Make Your Child Wear a Helmet

picture of father helping his daughter  with hear helmet in a park


Establish the Habit Early

The ideal time to introduce your children to a helmet is the moment they start to ride skateboard, bike or scooter. But in case you take them with you on the passenger seats of your bike, even then they should wear helmets. The whole idea is to make them understand that safety comes first, and by wearing a helmet they can protect themselves from some serious injuries. Later on, wearing a helmet will become a normal thing for them which is one of the best gifts you could have given to them. This is a life lesson that they will pass on their siblings and future kids.

Let Your Children Choose the Design

When in the search for the right helmet, let your children have the final word regarding the design. There are lots of fun kids skateboard helmets offered by trusted brands that still can meet the quality standards set by the Australian law. Your role should be only to check if the choice meets the standards and that’s it. Let your children try as many kids skateboard helmets as they want in order to find the right design and fit. Rainbow sparkles, bananas, dinosaurs, crocodile, birds and unicorns kid skate helmets designs coming in numerous colors are some of the many. By doing this, your children may show more interest in wearing helmets, which in fact is the main goal.

Wear a Helmet Yourself

picture of parents with their kid on bikes with helmets in the park


It’s no secret that children are little copy cats, especially when it comes to imitating their parents. So, you should really take advantage of this and start wearing a helmet yourself. Whenever you ride a bicycle with your children, wear a helmet. To make things even better, make riding a bicycle a daily routine and wear your helmet all the time. They will observe this repetitive habit, and eventually, they will start copying you.

Explain the Reasons Why Wearing a Helmet is a Good Idea

It goes without saying that children can be stubborn. But one of the secrets in making them understand something is by giving them an explanation. Explain to them that by not wearing a helmet they could fall and hurt their heads and brains. If needed, show them videos and pictures by other children and professional athletes wearing a helmet. Try with different approaches, you never know which one can work.

Don’t Let Your Children Ride the Scooter Without It

As already mentioned, sometimes children can be stubborn, but don’t let this stubbornness discourage you. Be consistent and if needed, tell them that riding their skateboard or bike without a helmet is not going to happen. Eventually, they’ll come to their senses and agree to wear one.