Server Rack Cabinets – How Important Is The Size


When you are looking to buy a perfect server rack cabinet, keep in mind two things – first the size of the equipment you want to install, and second your budget. When it comes to budget, this factor is pretty much self-explanatory. The choice of a server rack will depend on how much money you have available. The first factor, the size, is a bit more confusing, but essential.

All server rack cabinets are measured in ”U” spaces or 4.5 cm. You will find various sizes of server rack cabinets, but the most common one is the 42U size. Depending on your needs, you can find smaller like 14U, 24U, 36U, or larger 47U, 48U ideal for industrial facilities or data centers. But you must narrow your search. One way to do that is to know which equipment you plan to store. Also, think about the future. If there is a great possibility your business will grow and with it your network, then eliminate the smaller server rack cabinet sizes.

Opt for open frame server rack cabinet, if your priority is to keep servers cool, and allow better circulation through the cabinet. That way you will avoid future problems with overheating and total destruction. Overheating will not only diminish the performance of the servers, but cause expensive repairs as well. With the right server rack cabinet size and fans included, your network equipment will provide you with superior performance, essential for running your business.

Weight is another thing you need to consider when shopping for the right server rack cabinet size. Since you will use the cabinet to store multiple devices, it is important to pay attention to the weight and ensure it can support the total weight of your equipment. Not all server rack cabinets are designed to hold heavy devices. The 42U rack server for example is able to hold up to 600 kg, but depending on your needs you can find models that have greater weight capacity. Server rack cabinets require considerable effort when moving, so make sure the weight of the equipment used, doesn’t compromise the performance and the flexibility of the cabinet.

Server rack cabinets are designed to hold routers, switches, shelves, patch panels and other accessories beside servers. Thus, size matters. With the right server rack cabinet size, you will provide greater protection for your servers, therefore prolong the service life of your network equipment. Additional space will provide room for ventilation systems and greater cabling management requirements.