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Athletic apparel and sports nutrition is without doubt one of the most popular industries in Australia right now, showing a rising and stable growth. Sales on athletic apparel and sports nutrition Australia wide have increased dramatically due to the growing popularity of people leading healthier lives. The proof is all in the numbers and to put it in short, both the retail and online sales of this industry has grown 22.6% online and 14.6% in retail. Both the retail and online fronts are only set to gross more revenue and have already grossed 71 million in online sales and more than 2 billion Australian dollars in retail stores.

The foreseeable future for this industry only looks great with the online set to rise another 14.6% and the retail front set to rise another 5% every year in the future. This rise is proving to be a great thing for Australians as the rise in demand has created a need for employees providing more Australians with jobs in this industry than ever before. Some claimed that this industry was only going to rise as a trend and fall again but it has gone against the odds and has expanded its reaches to overseas consumers as well.

More and more people from around the world have started showing an interest in what Australian manufacturers have to offer from within this industry. All these job opportunities have seen a slight increase in the average wage meaning more people are spending their money on sports nutrition Australia wide with an aim to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

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