Stuff Sacks: Pack Up More for Your Trip Outdoors

Planning for a trip outdoors? If you’re an experienced traveller (e.g. backpacker, hiker, camper, scuba diver, business), you must be aware that nothing beats good organization as it helps you make the most of the experience, lets you protect yourself as best you can and cut down on the risks that might arise.

Still, even with proper organization, one of the major issues most travellers deal with often is deciding on the number of belongings they can take with them without luggage being too heavy or bulky. Adopting some minimalist habits would certainly come in handy, yet not all of us manage to do so and if you simply must have more items with you the solution lies in getting yourself one if the innovative and durable camping stuff sack.

compression stuff sack

Why use compression stuff sack?

Also going by the names compression bag and space bag, this should be part of your most basic travelling gear if you want to pack more and minimise the size of your luggage. It’s worth the investment if you’re a frequent traveller because of the benefits it provides.

Storage – Due to the ability to squeeze the air out, and evenly distribute the strain for maximum compression, stuff sacks provide a lot more space to pack up various items, including fit in the bulkier winter gear like sweaters and fleeces, and even whole sleeping bags.

Size – Depending on your load, and what you’re planning on taking with you, there are space bags in various sizes to suit your needs. With the smaller ones, they’re so compact and lightweight you can even fit them in a bigger bag or suitcase.

Protection – The reason the stuff sacks are also a recommended solution is because they’re made of far better materials in terms of quality than your usual sack. Translation: you won’t have to worry your luggage would be affected by the weather elements, be it sun, rain or wind when packed in a design made of ultra sil ripstop fabric keeping it clean and dry.

Features – Not everyone is a fan of these bags because they’re not that great for organization as the packing cubes, for example. Still, there are features to look for in a bag if you’re looking for the chance to organize your items better – yes, I’m talking about pockets!

There are various types of quality sacks in a design that’s combined with cubes, equipped with pockets and compartments to cover all your storage needs. Instead of using cubes, you could use various space bags in a suitcase to better separate the items and make use of the space you’ve got – for instance when separating laundry from the rest of the clothes. For easy carrying, look for handles whereas for more compression you’d find straps and buckles useful!

camping stuff sacks

How to choose a camping stuff sack?

If you’re new to these sacks, you might be wondering how to choose the best one since the market is abundant in options. You won’t have trouble deciding when you have the following aspects in mind:

Durability – The last thing you want in a bag when you’re out and about is one that gets damaged easily. That’s why you have to look into details, give materials and brands a consideration, as well as reading reviews of users before you purchase.

The aspect of the material would give you a hint as to whether or not the bag is strong enough to withstand wear and tear, and whether or not you can wash it if it gets dirty or prior to storage as you’d do with a sleeping bag.

Price – While higher prices are good indicators of quality, you don’t have to get the ideal bag that would break your bank when you have top-notch brands such as Sea to Summit known for their outstanding gear at the most convenient prices. Then again, the price depends on how willing you are to invest in this kind of gear.

Use – Related to the previous aspect, the use would give you a hint on how much you should invest. If you travel often, then you need something that would last you time and time again instead of resolving to buy a cheaper model of lower quality. In addition, in case of different uses for different types of trips, you might do well purchasing more than just one sack.

stuff sack sleeping bag

How to use sacks?

Though some individuals find it difficult to organize their items than when packing in cubes, it’s nothing too complicated as long as you fold each and every piece well and place it neatly before squeezing the air out.

Due to their shape, you have to pack the items by necessity, placing the ones you’d use the most up and well within reach as opposed to the ones you don’t need that much packed below. As soon as you’re done with this, you can seal the zip-lock top, roll the sack, get all the air out and you’re good to go!