Why Is Manuka Honey Important For Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Native to Australia and New Zealand, Manuka honey is the superfood of the modern time, full of incredible aromas, flavours, richness and exceptional healthy benefits. It is a mono-floral honey, produced by bees that feed exclusively on the Manuka bush, which known for its antibacterial properties.

Although Manuka honey has recently gained popularity, it has been used for years; in fact, decades ago Manuka leaves were used for preparing a medical drink used for reducing fever. Moreover, the oil (obtained from crushed Manuka leaves) was applied to wounds as a natural antiseptic, which speaks a lot about the powerful health benefits of this honey.

jar of honey with honeycomb and lavander flowers on wooden table

What makes Manuka honey so special?

There is no secret that since ancient times all types of honey were used to heal wounds, relieve cold and flu symptoms, etc., because of their antibacterial properties. Manuka honey is today still used for relieving a sore throat, gastritis problems, cold and flu symptoms; it has healing properties if applied directly on wounds and skin ulcers. Thanks to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey is gaining more popularity in beauty and skincare products.

But what is it that makes Manuka honey unique? What differs it from other types of honey? It is its additional antibacterial property well-known as non-peroxide activity. The higher the antibacterial property, the better the honey. This is why Manuka honey is classified by UMF (Unique Manuka Factor), which is a quality trademark for identifying the presence of non-peroxide activity (NPA).

So,before you buy Manuka honey, know that not all Manuka honeys are the same. Ordinary Manuka honey has the same peroxide antibacterial properties found in all types of honey, while UMF Manuka honey has natural UMF antibacterial property, as well as natural hydrogen peroxide antibacterial property. Hence, invest more and buy Manuka honey. UMF certified that is. Opt for high UMF, 16+ at least. To ensure you get what you’re paying for, check the labels, the company website and the honey’s manufacturer.

Cooking With Manuka Honey

Least, but not last, Manuka honey is a great addition to lots of dishes and desserts. Its incredible taste, deep, rich and strong flavours as well as aromas, are a joy to any palate. Add Manuka honey to savoury dishes like baked Camembert, chicken or to some salad dressing. You can also add some of its tastiness into any sweet dessert or make banana pancakes with it as a healthy breakfast. When it comes to desserts, sky is the limit! The Manuka honey sweet combinations are endless! Feel free to experiment! The only thing not to experiment with is the quality of the honey. Make sure you buy Manuka honey of high UMF grading to fully enjoy its healthy benefits and heavenly good taste!