Xylitol: The Sweet Truth About The Best Sugar Substitute

If there is one sugar substitute that beats them all that would be the almighty xylitol! Despite having a name that one does not memorize in a second, our bodies are sure to remember a sweet tasting substance that does not wreak havoc with our health, especially when it comes to the area of the oral cavity. If you want to learn why the food-schooled can no longer be fooled by sugar’s sweet lies, read on and you might be surprised!

Xylitol cake

The discovery of xylitol occurred late in the 1890s, but it took a while until scientists learned how to properly synthesize it and bring it to its pure form that we can enjoy today. It is in fact a fermented sweetener, coming from the process of extraction of some of the following plants: corn husks, birch trees, sugar cane, oats, berries and mushrooms. Luckily, scientists have us the chance to benefit from its alkaline properties and rendered it an occurring ingredient in many versions of our favorite products.

Nowadays, we are witnessing the rise of many companies that are offering sweet delights that our bodies won’t need to fight. However, if I would have to choose just one of the many sugar substitutes xylitol would be the one, without a shadow of a doubt.

The reasons listed below should help you get the gist on why xylitol should be on the top of your sugar substitutes list:

Acid Don’t Lie – Sugar Helps Bacteria Thrive

I will try to explain this in the simplest way I know: Sugar is bacteria’s best friend, while xylitol is their biggest foe. Sugar tends to create a bacterial paradise, throwing them a party with their favourite food – acid, which in turn eats on the enamel of the teeth, bringing you one step closer to an appointment with your dentist, one bite at a time. From all other sugar substitutes xylitol is the only one that can create a perfect alkaline base in your mouth, making it impossible for bacteria to spread and weaken the enamel.

Protects Your Gut and Doesn’t Make You Fat

Xylitol is in fact a prebiotic, highly beneficial for the gut flora, having the power to encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms whose home is your digestive tract. It is highly recommended to people that are struggling with chronic yeast infections. Furthermore, xylitol contains 40% less calories in comparison with regular sugar, making it possible for life to be sweet without struggling to be fit!

The more you know about the newest discoveries health-wise, the better you can adjust your lifestyle and educate others. The ferocity with which sugar destroys our teeth, gives way for obesity to kick in and gives our blood sugar levels quite a spin, should be more than enough to make the switch and never go back to the white crystal plaque!