Able Spacers: The Importance of Having Asthma Under Control

Asthma is a chronic lung condition and genetic predisposition is one of the strongest risk factors for developing this complex illness. While it’s possible to develop asthma at any age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone with a family history of asthma will develop it. Others can develop asthma later in life with no family history. The most important thing to do is to take the right steps to control your condition.

Your asthma is under control when it doesn’t interfere with your daily life and you’re able to sleep through the night without symptoms. You can use bamboo bedding for a clean and hypoallergenic bedroom, but more importantly, use your medication properly, develop an asthma action plan with your health care provider and have regular check-ups. Also, you need to know when to seek emergency medical care for your condition.

Every person with asthma is experiencing it in their own unique way. Everyone has different triggers and symptoms and different medications as well. One of the most common ways to receive your medicine is by inhaling it.

When it comes to inhaled medications, there are various types of inhalers, and every time you use one, it’s important to also use a spacer or holding chamber. Asthma spacers allow the users to take multiple breaths of the same dose of medicine, without needing to time an inhale or force a deep breath.

The Importance of Asthma Spacers

An asthma spacer is an apparatus that’s attached to the mouthpiece of your rescue inhaler and is used with the idea that you’ll get more of the administrated dose. It makes it easier to take asthma medication from the MDI (metered-dose inhaler).

Able spacers are some of the most popular spaces available on the market. They have antibacterial features and are embedded with silver ion to protect 99% of all harmful bacteria as the silver ions inhibit the bacteria’s ability to multiply. They remove the need for the perfect timing of inhalation and assist in drug delivery to the lungs. They are suitable for all popular MDIs and can be used by both adults and children.

Able Asthma is a South Australian company providing the largest range of asthma products to its users Australia wide. You can find Able spacers for use with puffer medication and see how they improve inhaler technique and drug delivery. For improved portability, you can choose the new Able Collapsible Spacer. It combines portability with a plume shaped chamber of 210 ml, minimising drug loss within the spacer. Its design features visible valve movement, which can help your caregiver to see if you’re inhaling through the spacer. It can be used with all popular MDIs and is suitable for adults and children.

The main role of the spacer is to help the medication get straight to where it’s needed in your lungs. This way less medication can end up in your mouth and throat where it can lead to irritation or mild infections. Also, your spacer can make it easier to coordinate breathing and pressing your puffer.

children using able spacer

Spacers should be used by adults taking a corticosteroid preventer medication using an MDI and adults who can’t easily coordinate the “press and breathe” technique when using an MDI. Also, anyone who is taking a reliever medication during an asthma attack should use a spacer, too. All children aged under 4 years old using spacer will need a mask attached.

Some of the latest researches show that a puffer with a spacer works just as good as a nebuliser for treating asthma symptoms. A puffer with spacer is a simple, affordable and handy option and more portable, too. To make the most of your spacer, look for one that you can put together easily and is convenient for everyday use.

Spacer Use

To use your spacer right, fire only one puff into your spacer at a time and breathe in from it as soon as you’ve fired a puff as the medication settles on the bottom quickly. Make sure to shake your puffer before firing each puff. For each puff, you can take one big breath in and breathe in slowly, deeply and full and then hold your breath for 5 seconds.


Also, you can breathe in and out normally for 4 breaths, also known as tidal breathing, if you’re not able to take one big breath in. For this, Able spacers are a great choice as they can enable tidal breathing when needed.

New spacers need to be washed before you use them for the first time. If you have to use your new spacer immediately, make sure to fire at least 10 multiple puffs into it first, to help reduce the static build-up inside. Then you can take your medication dose as usual. If your new spacer is made from antistatic polymers or if it’s a disposable cardboard spacer, you don’t have to fire multiple puffs or wash it before first use.

Spacer Care

MDI spacer_Boy_cropped

Try to clean your spacer about once a month. If you have recovered from any cold or respiratory infection, it’s important to clean your spacer before using it again. Your spacer should be checked by your pharmacist, nurse or asthma educator every 6 to 12 months to make sure the structure is intact and the valve is working well.